Wednesday Whereabouts: Logan’s 6th Birthday!

All of these smiles pretty much sum up Logan’s 6th Birthday on Saturday!

Loving his new hat and remote control boat!

Our friends were kind enough to bring us on their boat…and allow this many kiddos aboard.  But they did great!

Birthday Boy!

All in all it was an awesome day and the weather couldn’t have been more gorgeous!

The biggest smile!  Going to bed with his new Yoda doll.  A little creepy to me haha, but he’s one of his faves!

Lanier made us these Poke Bowls for dinner the other night.

Spiral a medium zucchini in bowl.

In separate bowl combine Ahi tuna cut in half inch squares, fresh lemon juice, jalapeño, soy sauce, seasoned rice vinegar, cilantro, sesame seed oil (pepper infused-optional).

Pour over zucchini noodles.

Add shredded carrots, cucumber, sliced avocado, and toasted sesame seeds on top/side.

Top with French Fried Onion Rings.

One of my fave lunch spots downtown – Co.  Their curry shrimp is (top pic) is insanely good!

Wheeler’s Ruffled Skort // Effie’s Jean Skirt (has the cutest heart pockets!) // Effie’s Pink High Tops

Kitty Cat Club!  Effie wore hers to school for four days straight!  Love that she rocks her own style!

Still can’t get enough of this cozy sweatshirt!

If you’re looking for a cardigan that is quite possibly the softest, snuggliest wrap you’ve ever worn, get this one!  Trust me.  It’s amazing!

Work-Out Win

I hadn’t been shopping downtown in forever, but I had a hot minute to shop around yesterday.  I was so excited to see these Panthers blue shorts.  They’re a little different than the typical Speed Shorts.  They’re called Speed Up Shorts, which means the front side is a little shorter than the back. // Essential Tank (still my favorite tank, not too fitted and so comfy) // Shoes // Sports Bra (great coverage and support)

Hope y’all are having a great week!

Happy Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts: Logan’s 6th Birthday!

  1. Do Lake PJs ever go on sale? I love the look but I’m really hesitant to spend that much on pjs …especially not knowing how they’re going to fit

    1. Unfortunately, they rarely go on sale. But I completely understand why you’re hesitant. On fit, they do shrink in the wash a little but get softer the more you wash them. So make sure and size up at least one size.

  2. Can you link Logan’s boat or tell me what kind it is? We have a boat obsessed little boy who has been asking for a remote controlled one.

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