Wednesday Whereabouts + Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Info + Marysia Swim Sale

Last week, a best friend of mine came in town with her two kids.  Her son and daughter are really good friends with mine, so it makes it so easy for us to hang out.  Even better when it lasts three days!  
The best way to enjoy a watermelon on a sunny day.  Spoons for all!

Dog Days of Summer Essentials
Personalized Pool Tote // S’well Bottle (Trust me, you will LOVE this insulated bottle!) // Flip Flops // Cover-Up
The life!

For a Cloudy Friday…

I got to meet my friend’s sweet preemie on Friday too.  Is she not precious??  Some of you asked on Instagram what color my necklace was, it’s Iridescent Drusy.  Seriously wear it almost everyday and receive so many compliments on it.
Prepping for a boat day on Saturday.

A Colorful Sunday…
Got a giggle out of this page.  ‘Do Not Draw Here.’
Love inventive spelling!

A first grader in less than a week!  Soaking up this last week of summer break!
Marysia Swim is running a huge sale right now!  Most suits are 40% off.
Unfortunately my scalloped swimsuit isn’t part of the sale, but this Zuma one above is!  Lots of good stuff!
Wheeler’s Mini Boden Swimsuit is on sale too!  Also shown is our favorite pool buy, this water-resistant radio that hooks up to your phone to play music, as well.
A spot of tea?
Effie will start kindergarten on Monday!?!  I would say I’m nervous and sad about her leaving me for such a long school day, but she’s been ready for a long time…always wanting to do everything her sister is doing.  I can’t even describe how excited she is about starting school.  So bittersweet still, but I’m so happy that she’s thrilled to start.

Got my greys colored last night!  It had only been five weeks, but that was even too long.  My hair grows incredibly fast which I should be grateful for, but that means my greys are visible so quickly.
Essie Fiji // Tory Burch Envelope Wallet (Love this wallet!  It can even hold my phone and checkbook too!) // Cross Cuff // Wrap Bracelet
Jack Rogers’ Summer Sale is still going on and my Leopard Calfhair Sandals are part of the sale.  Sale ends on Friday!
Tory Burch’s Private Sale continues too!  I snagged this Simone Cardigan.  I always love my Simone Cardigans in the Fall/Winter and love getting them when they’re on sale.  I think the orange will be so pretty this Fall.

Trapeze Dress (Pulled from Lilly’s site, to prepare for the Lilly Sale, perhaps? Still available here.) // Rayne Necklace // Sunnies // Little Lilly Dress (Another print that was pulled from Lilly’s site recently.)
Lilly Pulitzer’s After Party Sale Info
I’ve had a few readers email asking about the dates.  Now I’m not sure for certain, but last year the sale was on August 18th and 19th.  So that means if it falls at the same time again, that would make it this Monday and Tuesday, the 17th and 18th.  You can always check Lilly Pulitzer’s website here for more info, or you know you can always check back here.  As always, I’ll be sure and post about it as soon as I hear the accurate dates.  But for now, I’d plan on being reading at your computer on Monday morning, bright and early.  And if you’re not familiar with Lilly Pulitzer’s After Party Sale, I’ll be providing more info on Friday, but this sale is amazing!!!  If you’re a Lilly lover, you won’t want to miss these deals!  If it is on Monday, then Monday’s post will strictly be dedicated to all things Lilly.  As soon as I see what they’re offering, I’ll try and provide sizing and fit guides on my post.  One very important thing to keep in mind is that everything goes extremely FAST!
Needless to say I’m super excited!!
Happy Wednesday, Y’all!

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  1. I can't believe that Lilly hasn't announced anything about the sale yet! Fingers crossed that something gets posted soon.

  2. I looked and last notification came on Friday for the Monday sale back in January. They've pulled all the spring summer prints from the site so definitely it's near! I'm actually going to have to buy on my iphone as we are leaving on a cruise for the week on Monday! Yikes.

  3. I can't wait for the sale! I always try to get a fun Elsa. I've been loving the tops you've posted lately, so I might have to try to snag some cotton tops as well. I rely on your fit guides, so thank you in advance!!!

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