Wednesday Whereabouts + New Favorite Pajamas

Enjoying an evening on the water last Friday, before the storms hit over the weekend.  Looks like we’ll be getting more of the same this weekend.

Some of you wanted a review of Wild Kratts Live after we went this past weekend, as you’re considering taking your littles to the show in your area.  So the kids loved it, and that’s honestly all that matters.  But the production and props  were super cheap.  It’s hard to believe they charged as much as they did, for what little stage changes occurred.  For lots of the show, the audience watched a big tv screen (just like they’d watch the show at home).  And while it was cool to see Martin and Chris up close, there were no other stage actors involved.  Other characters like Aviva, Zach, etc. were all only featured as cartoon characters on the screen.  But the kids loved the Kratt Brothers’ antics and enjoyed watching them change into different animals.  Very happy we went!

Wheeler telling me she was almost as tall as this hockey player.  “See, Mama?”

What I Wore

Tunic //  Earrings // Boots // Leggings

One of our favorite dinners we enjoyed this past weekend!  Yum!

The comfiest running shoes!  Not sure if I’m going to wear them running errands or on an actual run.  They’re just too pretty.  // Zella Leggings // Cardigan (wearing the same one I raved about over the weekend yet again) // Socks // Wallet (still continue to LOVE this one)

If you’re local, head over to Vintage Coffee and try their Lavender Honey Latte.  Just had it again this morning.  So good!  Their avocado toast isn’t half bad either.  Ha.  I get it every time I go!

So I must have a thing for grey this season, but apparently many of y’all do too.  After Monday’s post, I had a reader email and say they loved my three picks, but asked if I had another grey sweater option.  She wanted one that was soft and not itchy, like this one I posted on Monday, but that was long enough to cover your rear.  I’ve had this one above a few months now and still love it!  Super comfy and definitely long enough to cover your rear. // Pink Flats

So I mentioned the other day that my favorite running shorts are these and have them in lots of colors.

But I had a reader ask if I’d tried the ones above, the Hotty Hot Short.  I haven’t yet, but feel like I should.  My fellow Lulu lovers, have you tried these?  She raved about them.  I’ll keep you posted after I try them out.

Some of y’all have asked if I’d had a chance to check-out the new leggings that Athleta came out with, after I posted about the new fabric last week.  I haven’t yet, but plan too soon!

Some of y’all interested in these sunnies asked if they were carried at Nordstrom.  Well, good news!  They are now!  My favorite part is that they have Clearshell scratch- and impact-resistant PolarizedPlus2 Maui Pure lenses to enhance color and eliminate glare.

I know this is super random, being it’s the middle of winter, but these light pink Millers I loved wearing last summer sold out by summer’s end.  But I was shopping around yesterday, and found one pair (size 9) available here!  For sizing, I’m an 8.5 and wear an 8.5 in them.

Some of y’all have asked about my sister’s dog’s eight puppies.  They’ve all recently gone to their owners and she’s keeping one.  The kids and I became attached when they all stayed at my parents’ house the week after Christmas.  Still don’t know how she parted with each one! // P. S. Found the cardigan I’m wearing on major sale!

And because I know many of you asked if I’d let you know if they ever restocked this ruffle back top, well, they did today!  Currently available in all sizes!

Finally, I’ll leave you with these pajamas!  Absolute favorites right now!  As usual on pajamas, I went up a size to a medium for extra room and comfort.  You’ll love the fabric on these.  Also available here.

Hope y’all are having a great week so far!

8 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts + New Favorite Pajamas

  1. OMG, Ashley. WILD KRATTS LIVE is the Worst! They touch the screen to go into the “show”?? There’s not even a live animal in sight! Yes, the kids do seem to love it, but don’t you wish you still had your money in your wallet? Sheeeeewwwww.

  2. I have the Hotty-Hot long shorts and LOVE them. I also have the other style that you mentioned is your fave and I’m not as crazy about them because I feel that they are just a little too short for me, but if that is the length you like then I’m sure you’ll love the hotty-hot short ones!

  3. Love hearing the feeback on the hotty-hot shorts (and hot-hot long shorts)! I’ve been dying to try them. I just recently purchased the new Athlete leggings, and the fabric is amazing! They’re the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever worn. That being said, I purchased the petal pattern in the photo above, and regret not going with plain black. I love wearing them but don’t feel like the placement of the patterns is very figure flattering.

  4. Great post. Those crab legs and lobster look delicious. So does the bean casserole, I haven’t had that in years. Cute puppies and of course love the pink Millers.

    Have a great weekend.

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