Wednesday Whereabouts + J.Crew Sale Find

All in all, it was the perfect day to pick out our pumpkins.
Tennis lessons ended a couple of weeks ago.  We were sad to have to say bye to Coach Cam for the season, but I’m happy not knowing we’d freeze outside in the colder months, during practices.
 Little V turned 1 on October 23rd.  His check-up went so well.  He weighed in at 26 pounds.  He only cried after the third shot, but not for too long.
V with Grammy (my mother-in-law)
Poppy to the rescue!
Not the best photo of the family, this was right after baths, but it’s better than nothing, to remember little V’s First Birthday, right?
My mom and dad with V.
V is just the sweetest baby, who rarely cries, unless he REALLY needs something.  He still only has his two bottom teeth, which I love.  I feel like he’s still so young, until those teeth on top start making their way through, then he becomes a toddler.  Just like his siblings at his age, he hasn’t shown much interest in walking yet, and that’s fine by me.  He gets along pretty well, crawling, and pulls himself up on everything.  He’ll say dadadadada, but that’s about it so far.  He gives high fives, if you hold your hand up and has just started to wave bye-bye.  He loves to laugh at everything, especially when L does something funny, sometimes it’s not even that funny, yet it cracks V up.  He loves the attention his sisters give him, when they take the time to play with him.  Once he starts getting into their things, I think they start to take more notice.  He just started taking a sippy cup yesterday, and is through with all bottles (cold turkey), and is such a champ!  No whining or complaining about the transition…that says a lot about his personality.  He constantly wants my attention, just like his big brother.  L is attached at my hip.  Even if I step outside for a minute, he freaks out, but L is another story.  Back to V, the happiest he is, when he’s with me, is when I’m laying on the floor, and he’s grabbing onto my hair, shoulders, pants, and loving on me, making sure not to let go.  I wish I had more time for him to do this more often.
Hope he stays just as sweet and loving as he continues to grow.
We are one very blessed family to have him here with us.
Love you always, V!  To the moon and back! 

 The girls and I went back to the pumpkin patch this past Saturday, because the first time we went, the horse rides weren’t available that day.  To say it made their day is an understatement.

 Some “Proud Mama” moments this past week…W unexpectedly passed her swim test at the pool, and got her yellow band.  The hubs took the girls for a swim, and I had no idea she was even going to attempt it.  And on top of that, she went down the two-story tube slide, not once, but at least five times!
 …and then L got his haircut for the first time without tears!  He was so brave, and even let the lady use clippers.  I still can’t get over how well he behaved, and how much older he looks with his extra short, dapper do.  So very very proud of him!
Alright, I think I’m done catching y’all up!  Next time, I won’t fall so behind on our happenings.
Enjoy your Halloween tomorrow!  This is the first year that the girls are extremely excited about it.  I can’t even think of what Christmas will be like this year!  Can’t wait!

I had many readers interested in this J.Crew Racer Tank, when I posted this OOTD, but it was sold out…

Well, now it’s back in stock, and currently available in all sizes, in the sale section, with an additional 25% off with code: SHOPNOW, if you spend $150+!
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Looks like you all had fun at the pumpkin patch! Love the girls dresses! Happy belated birthday little V- he just looks so sweet and happy! L looks so nervous in the haircut chair and good job to W on passing the swin test.

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