Wednesday Whereabouts: It’s Fall, Y’all!

As I mentioned last week, Logan is still obsessed with his train set.  I like it too because it makes them clean up all of their toys in the playroom if they want me to get it out.

Vaughn has officially become obsessed with the aquarium.  We used to go every now and then, but he’s been begging to go everyday now.  I try to make a weekly visit there.  The only thing is he likes to spend hours there.  But it’s fine by me.  He loves seeing his animals and the astronauts (scuba divers).
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 And he always has to sit on Mr. Froggy’s lap and have a chat.
 Loving on Boozer.  Their birthdays are one day apart.  Boozer will be 9 this year!  Hard to believe we’ve had him that long!
 Effie was super excited she was going to be student-of-the-day one day last week!
 Wandering around.  They like to pretend they’re in jail.
My friend re-created the Dreamsicle Cake from Cru.  It was divine!  Now I just want her to make more!

 On Friday, we headed home to see my family.  We always have the best time, but it’s always too short of a stay.  I can’t believe it’s been nearly two months since we’d been back!  Vaughn loving on his little cousin.
Enjoying a nice Sip N’ Stroll with one of my sisters.

On Saturday night, we headed to a cookout…
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 …while my parents headed to a dinner party.  How cute are they?
Hey Daddy, this is how you take a selfie!
How great is this mural?  The kids loved looking at all the cute animals!
Like grandfather, like grandson.

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After taking this pic, my parents offered to watch the kids so we could go to the Panthers game.

It was very last minute, but we had a blast!  It was a great game and the Panthers won!  My necklace is Candy Shop Vintage.
On Monday, I finally had time to cross completely over the bridge and back again, marking six miles.  If I get more time to do that again, I definitely will!

 Some fun new pieces.  My cross body is on sale for less than $100, that includes the monogram, with code: TIMETOSHOP.  And my Chevron Necklace is only $7.98!

Since today marks the first day of Fall, I painted my nails this dark blue (After School Blazer).
Dress (on sale) // Ring
So it’s finally Fall!  I’d say the weather here hasn’t been matching up and that it’s still very much summer weather here, but today there’s a cool breeze and it’s wonderful!
Cheers to cardigans, football and beautiful leaves turning this season…just to name a few!
Happy Wednesday, Y’all!

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    1. Before we moved, Wheeler's school went later in the day, so I would put Effie and the boys down for naps when they got home from preschool. And then they'd be awake by the time I had to go and pick up Wheeler from school. Living here, the girls' school gets out earlier so I put the boys down as soon as they finish their lunch (around 12:30) and then usually have to wake them up to pick up the girls from school. I know it's crazy, but the girls still nap on the weekends sometimes too. My kids have always loved their sleep…just like me. 😉

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