Apple Cider Mimosa + Loving Lately

With the fall season starting yesterday, I thought it would be appropriate to share a tasty little concoction to share at a fall get together.  This one’s great for now, as it’s probably not cold enough for a warm drink yet, but the apple flavor will have you thinking of fall.  I also wanted to find something simple that would be easy to whip up whenever you’re feeling like you want a fun cocktail, and you don’t have a lot of time to make it.
Apple Cider Mimosa
(found this deliciousness here)
Apple Cider
Gold and Silver Sprinkles for rim (optional)
Apple Slices for Garnish (optional)
Coat rim of champagne glass with sprinkles.
Add both champagne and apple cider to your liking.
It’s seriously that simple!
Alright, so I obviously can’t get enough of everything fall!  I’ve clearly already written two Fall Favorites posts even before the season started.  In case you missed them, here’s Edition #1 and here’s Edition #2.  Well, now I’m back to share even more new favorites!  I know I’ve always said that summer is my favorite season, but I love the fact that in fall you can start layering and I’m always on the hunt to find the best of the best in tunics (long enough to cover your rear if you’re wearing leggings – I know that’s one’s always a request!), the best vest, the fall coat, etc.  So this is obviously a really fun time to shop around, and see what all is out there.
Without further ado, more favorites…starting off with this shearling vest
Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll most likely be wearing my excursion vests on heavy rotation this season, but this shearling one could easily be thrown in there too.  Such an easy layer to toss on over anything.  Oh yeah, and it’s only $58!
I can’t decide if this dress looks a bit too much like pjs or not.  But I’m guessing if you pair it with a vest and booties or riding boots, it would really pull it together well.
As soon as the weather starts getting cooler, when it comes to black flats, I tend to toss on my favorite Tory Burch Revas
…but I’m also loving these tassel suede J.Crew flats too.  J.Crew flats haven’t always fit me the best, but I tried these on the other day and loved them.  They do run big, so make sure and go down at least a half size.  They look really pretty with ankle jeans.
Speaking of jeans, you will LOVE this style!  They run true to size and go with everything.  A little distressed, but not too much.  And they’re currently 25% off with code: SHOPFALL!

Here’s another pic of the color of them (above).  Shown here with my Frye Billy Boots that I finally get to break in (woohoo!) and this J.Crew Flannel Plaid Top (runs a bit big, but I’d still go with your usual size; it’s also 25% right now with code: SHOPFALL).
Love this little Spy Glass Elephant Necklace.  Would look great with any solid dress or top this season…really, any season.  You can pre-order it now.
Many of you have asked about my nail color.  It’s not black, it’s actually a dark navy.  Here’s a better pic of the color.
The color of this leather satchel from J.Crew could carry you right on into the holidays.  It’s not red red in person, it’s more of a coral red that I love!  Would definitely make any outfit pop!  Would pair really well with the plaid dress above, actually.
If you want a subtle glow this season, this shimmer brick from Bobbi Brown will do the trick!
Don’t forget that Kate Spade’s Surprise Sale ends at midnight!
J.Crew just started their fall sale.  Select items are currently 25% off with code: SHOPFALL.
You can’t go wrong with a simple gingham shirt to wear by itself and jeans, or layer under anything this fall.  Currently 25% off with code: SHOPFALL.  Would go well with either of the black flats mentioned above too!
Fall TV is finally back!  Can’t wait to start watching new shows again.  I mean, how many episodes of American Ninja Warrior can one watch?  The Voice is so good this year so far (this is my first year watching it).  And Nashville started back, along with Survivor and so many more.  Oh yeah, and Grey’s Anatomy starts back tonight.  I got a chance to watch Neil Patrick Harris’ new show, Best Time Ever the other night, and I LOVE it!  Such a fun show!  And of course, I just bought The Girl on the Train that I wanted to start.  Surely, I can fit it all in, right?
Today’s weather is oddly the exact same as last Thursday.  Looks like I’ll be venturing out again in something super comfortable…probably another swing dress with rain boots and my go-to raincoat.  I actually got these red Hunters from Costco a few years ago for maybe $80?  They’ve definitely seen their day in muck, but that’s what I love about them!  And these similar raspberry ones are on sale!
Happy Thursday!