Wednesday Whereabouts


What a week we’ve had!  Yesterday, while it was still pretty cloudy, we had no rain.  The first time in over a week.  The girls are really getting into dressing themselves lately, all the way down to what shoes they will wear.  They were super excited to get to wear these long-sleeved dresses they hadn’t worn in a long time.  Wheeler’s dress is old Crewcuts, but I’m loving this one too.  Her leggings are Crewcuts too.  And Effie’s is old Mini Boden, but I’m loving this Mini Boden dress.  Wheeler’s Shoes // Effie’s Shoes // Lettuce-Edge Socks
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It was still pretty warm last week.

When the weather starts getting cooler though, I tend to choose red over white.  And I’m big on choosing a wine based on the pretty label.  I got lucky with this one, because it was delicious! // Charleston Rice Beads (worn as a bracelet) // Single Strand Bracelet

 Deirdre of Candy Shop Vintage who carries Charleston Rice Beads at her shop.  If you missed this post about an event I attended last Thursday, head back here to check it out.

Dress // Necklace // Clutch (25% off with code: WEAREFAMILY) // Heels (similar at a lower price point here) // Ring
 The kids had lots of extra time to play with each other, and they loved it!  This was posted on their wall on Saturday morning.  Their teachers would be proud!  Check out that last word!

 Amidst the pouring rain on Saturday morning, the boys had their joint birthday party at Teacups and Trucks.  We’ve never had a joint party for any of our children before, but they loved it and didn’t seem to care.  Vaughn will turn 3 later this month.
 Every few minutes or so, Logan would sneak another taste of his cake.  By the end of the party, the back of his shirt was full of tiny cake smears from him wiping his hand on his shirt after every sneaky bite.
Even the girls had the best time being helpers and playing along in all the activities.

Vaughn agreeing to take a pic.
Logan, as always, not so much.

Dress // Boots // Scarf
Not so successful on a family shot this go round.

As soon as we got home from the party, we all changed into our pajamas and pretty much stayed that way for the next two days.
 On Saturday night, the girls and I headed over to a friend’s house for a sleepover.
Lots of time for watching movies, baking cookies, and holding this sweet little one.  The girls’ nightgowns are by Roberta Roller Rabbit.  Unfortunately, this style is not carried online, but if you missed yesterday’s post, these Mini Boden ones are also a favorite of theirs, and they’re on sale right now too.
 Woohoo!  Our first day out in a few days, so we headed to the aquarium.  Logan had school, but the girls did not.  Vaughn’s wearing these little oxfords.
 Giving Mr. Frog some love.
 Effie said she was pretending to be a mermaid.
Trying to pet the sharks and stingrays.

Vaughn said he was hiding.  Haha.

J.Crew Factory Gingham Top // J.Crew Chino Shorts in Honey Brown // Kate Spade Fox Watch // Tory Burch Crossbody (mine is an older version, but this one is new and very similar) // Tory Burch Reva Flats (go down at least a half-size on these)
After we picked up Logan, we headed to Taco Boy for lunch.  I’ve eaten here a few times, but have never taken the kids.  Let’s just say they loved it and we’ll definitely be going back again.
 Notice Logan’s construction hat.  He hasn’t taken it off since his birthday party.  And this week, instead of Batman, now he wants to be a construction worker for Halloween.  I’m still wondering who he’ll finally decide to be by the 31st.
What a week!
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Happy Wednesday, Y’all!

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