Wednesday Whereabouts: Effie’s 5th Birthday, A Christmas Tree Lighting + Thanksgiving Festivities

Alright y’all, like I mentioned on Monday’s post, this past weekend was so much fun, but it was jam-packed with parties and Thanksgiving festivities.  Be warned, this post is heavily loaded with tons of photos! Hope you enjoy!
Effie and her sweet little classmates!
We left Effie’s class party and headed over to Wheeler’s school.  Her Thanksgiving Program was on Friday afternoon (during Effie’s party), so we went to the rehearsal the day before instead.
 Effie’s Bowling Party
24 kids worth of chaos, but they all had a blast!  This number also didn’t include Logan and Vaughn.  They equaled five more kids!
 Wheeler sharing her lost teeth with her bestie.
 Because this is what all 2 and 3 year olds do, right?
Logan’s Jacket // Vaughn’s Jacket (30% off with code: EARLYBIRD)
Their party favors.  I ordered the water bottles off of Amazon and wrote their names on them.  On the back I wrote “Thanks for coming to my party! Love, ” and then Effie signed her name on each one.  I’m sure I could’ve found some other creative bowling-themed favors off of Pinterest or somewhere, but I always get so overwhelmed on Pinterest.  Too many things I love!  These water bottles were easy.
Trapper Hat // Blue Down Sweater Jacket (similar here)
On Friday night, we headed to the annual Christmas Tree Lighting.  Logan loved every minute of it!
 Lanier and I went to the Garth Brooks concert on Saturday night with friends.  It was the best concert!  To say I had a good time is an understatement!
 It rained on Sunday, so we hung around at home watching movies with lots of snuggling.
At the mall the other day, Effie read this word “Park Up” all by herself!  Cannot believe she’s already reading!
Wheeler’s Dress (similar here)
Would you believe it was this warm on Monday??  The weather has been so crazy here these last few weeks!
 Yesterday, Effie had her Thanksgiving Program at school.  My sister (#4 of the 6) was in town and this is her daughter.  Can you tell how much Vaughn loves his cousin?
Effie’s Vest was purchased during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this past summer.  Here’s another site that carries the exact same vest, on sale too.
After the program, Wheeler had her Thanksgiving Party at school.  I was in charge of leading one of the games.  I made the poster above in maybe ten minutes.  But it was a hit!  The kids loved it!
There are a million reasons why I love Wheeler’s teacher.  Just one of the reasons is the mission statement on the left.  The class recites it every morning.  So good.
I wasn’t lying when I said this past week was packed.  Can’t even imagine what it will be like when the boys are in school and doing all of these activities too.
This little Kate Spade Mini Maise Crossbody arrived yesterday.  I think it’s the prettiest pink for the holidays.  The color is so much better in person, than on the website.  And this color is so popular in this style that it’s already sold out on Kate Spade’s site, but still available at Nordstrom.

Happy Wednesday, Y’all!

Be sure and check-out all the Black Friday Sales that have ALREADY started, here.  And let me tell you, you’ll be surprised at how many early bird sales there are!  And they’re REALLY good ones!  Trust me.  Enjoy!

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    1. I've started shopping now! I've already ordered from Kate Spade, Equipment, Tory Burch and Joie. You know me, I love a good sale! But I know I'll definitely go back for more! Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

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