Tuesday Trends: Ugg Boots Love


Boots // Socks (on sale) // Dress
I know last week I talked about the girls and their love for their little purple Minnetonkas (see the post here) that I got from Nordstrom.  Well, after some thought and the cold weather we had last weekend, my mother-in-law ended up gifting the girls their little Ugg Boots early.
These pics were taken last Friday, before Effie’s birthday party.
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Wheeler: Dress // Leggings    Effie: Dress // Leggings
For fit, the boots are true to size.  One thing to note is that the taller style in these Uggs, starts at a size 13.  Thanks to the Nordstrom specialist in the shoe section for letting me know about that.  I loved the taller ones, but the girls ended up having to go with the shorter version because they both wear 12s.  Honestly, I’m so glad they did the short style though.  For as much as the girls talk about how warm they are, I can’t imagine them being any warmer than they already are.  On how much they love them?  Effie puts hers beside her bed at night, so she can put them on as soon as she wakes up.  She’s also been into this thing where she likes to pretend she’s an adult, and since she’s seen my youngest sister and I wear ours a lot recently, she wants to wear hers too.  I went with a neutral color so that they would go with more of their outfits.  And when they grow out of theirs, the boys can wear them too.

Always their favorite thing to do whenever we visit Nordstrom…talk to the fish and get a balloon.  FYI, in the kids’ clothing section, they’re currently playing the movie Frozen on repeat.
I hope y’all have a wonderful Tuesday!  Busy but fun day here.  Effie has her Thanksgiving Program this morning.  Wheeler has her Thanksgiving Party this afternoon, where I’m in charge of creating and leading a game.  I’m thinking “Pin the Feather on the Turkey?”  And this evening, we’re headed to my parents’ house for an early Thanksgiving meal with almost all of my sisters! Cannot wait to see them!!

A big thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post! All opinions and outfit choices, as always, are my own.