Wednesday Whereabouts: Carolina Visit + A Reader Request + Effie’s Birthday Re-Cap

Swing Sweater // Necklaces: Poppy Style, Twine & Twig Holiday
This past Saturday, Lanier and I took the girls up to Chapel Hill to their first Carolina game.  We were so excited to show the girls where we went to school!

They had a blast, but it was FREEZING!
Wheeler’s scarf has sold out, but it’s Zara.  And Effie’s is Asos, and it’s out of stock too.  Asos still has a ton of plaid scarves available.  Check them all out here.
Lanier lived on the ninth floor of this dorm his freshman year.
Jackets // Shoes // Leggings (old, similar here)
Cupcakes for the birthday girl!
I found the girls’ little Olaf hats at Marshall’s last week.  Here’s a similar one and just as cute.
Bundled up!  It’s was freezing!  Similar scarf here.

My Gap Jacket is on sale for $45 off, if you spend $100+ at Gap until Thursday at midnight.  Use code: SPREE at check-out. // Earrings
The girls made it to the end of the game!  We had no idea it would be such a good one, but it was!  Lots of fireworks and cannons, that Effie did NOT like.  She would hide in the blankets when we would score, which surprisingly happened a lot!

 Wheeler saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

A few more pics of Effie’s class field trip last week to the farm.
My parents live really close to the farm we visited with Effie’s class field trip last week, so she and my sister joined us!
Leave it to Effie to pet EVERY animal, including the hogs.
Vaughn’s Jacket (on sale for only $19) // Shirt (similar here)
Poor Vaughn hasn’t been himself this past week.  He had an ear infection a few weeks ago, and I think the antibiotics he took didn’t fully knock it out.  We’re heading back to the doctor today to get his ears re-checked.
How sweet are these little Tea Collection Dresses (Printed Skater Dress, Light Pink Graphic Dress)?  I got them for the girls to wear with leggings and boots.  Love how Tea Collection’s clothes are so soft.  With my kids, if the clothes aren’t comfortable, they’ll  never pick it out to wear.
I had a reader email saying she was in search of a new lunch box for her husband.  Here are a few fun ones I found.  I’ve also included a few cookbooks too.  I may need that one for the kids.

OXO Gray/Green Bento Box // Red Bento Box // Takenaka Green Bento Box // Takenaka Red Double Bento Box // Yum! Healthy Bento Box Lunches for Kids // Orange Bento Box // Effortless Bento // Mint Green Bento Box

Effie’s birthday was this past Sunday.  Unfortunately she had a stomach bug, so she wasn’t even up for opening many presents on her special day.  We made snowflakes and hung out in bed for most of the day.  Thankfully, she’s recovering and will still get to celebrate her birthday with all of her friends this weekend at her party.  While I was going back through old posts like I do sometimes – one of things I love about having my blog – I came across this post on Effie’s first birthday…

“Effie celebrated her birthday!  She’s turning one today, but we’re saving the celebration until Saturday!  Time flies by so fast!  Still can’t believe she’s already a year old!  She’s still crawling, but getting set to walk – we’re hoping before Christmas – fingers crossed!  She can say “Mama” and “Dada.”  She can wave “Bye-Bye” and say “Hey!”  She loves playing with Boozer, as much as he’ll allow.  Bath time is her favorite!  She enjoys all of W’s toys, especially the ones W holds in her hands at the time.  But W is a sweet sister and shares with E, if E wants to take it from her.  She enjoys putting anything in her mouth, and will eat anything food you give her.  She’s growing up so fast!  I can only hope that E is as sweet, independent, smart and loving as her older sister.  May the next year bring new, fun stages and more symbiotic play with W.  Can’t wait to see them walk and talk together, as sisters.  Because, sisters are the best!  I should know, I have five of them!!”

It still gets to me, how little she was then.  Effie sure is growing into a beautiful, smart, helpful little girl!  Just as independent as she was when she turned one.  And the greatest helper.  Even her teachers tell me how helpful she is in the classroom.  I swear she would change the diapers and feed the boys if I let her.  Always asking what she can do to help next.  She cares so much for her little brothers and constantly “reads” books to Vaughn and plays with trucks and cars with Logan.  She’s definitely a jack-of-trades and loves playing with her dolls and plays Barbies with Wheeler.  But what she loves most is to dress up into her costumes.  “No, Mama, I’m not Effie, I’m…Cinderella, or Jane from Mary Poppins, or Wendy…”  And just like Vaughn, she is a true animal lover.  If she could be around them all day, I think she would.  Talk about extroverted.  I don’t think Effie’s ever met a stranger.  Let’s just say when I asked her who she wanted to invite to her birthday party, she said “the WHOLE school!”  If we walk down the halls, she says “hey” to every teacher!  I’m so proud of the girl she is growing up to be, and my hope is that she continues to carry these traits with her as she grows.

We love you, Effie, with all our heart!  Happy 5th Birthday!

It’s freezing here again today, so I layered up!

Ugg Boots // Lululemon Wunder Unders (Unfortunately, this print is old from last year. But I love the other prints available right now too!) // Gray Cableknit Long Cardigan (Old, mine is the Lilly Pulitzer Connell Wrap from a few years ago.) // Old Navy Red Plaid Jacket (on sale for $42) // Essie Shearling Darling (free shipping)

Happy Wednesday!

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