Tuesday Trends: Minnetonka Boots + More Toys + My Tory Burch Cora Dress is on Sale!

I know y’all probably remember the girls wearing these pink Minnetonka Boots last year.  They actually wore them for a little while this year too, until they told me that their feet were hurting when they wore them.  Of course, they didn’t tell me this the first or second time they wore them this Fall, they waited until about two weeks into wearing them that their feet hurt.  I don’t think they realized that the reason their feet hurt was because their feet were growing, and were too big for the boots.  Naturally, when I told them they couldn’t wear them anymore they didn’t like the sound of that.  “But Mama, I LOVE these boots!”  Thankfully, Nordstrom carried them this year too, so I was able to order them new ones.  And this year, the girls went with purple!  Unfortunately, Effie was too sick for a photo op, but here are a few pics of Wheeler wearing her new ones.  I’ll try and get a pic of Effie wearing them soon…

Nordstrom also carries Minnetonka Fringed Boots in Women’s sizes too.  This is my second year wearing mine, and I still love them!  I have the five-layer ones, but they’re almost sold out.  They’re also available in a three-layer style and these fringed ankle boots also.  If you’re between sizes, size down.
My mother-in-law said she wanted to get each of the girls a pair of winter boots for Christmas.  She asked that I give her some suggestions.  Here’s what I’ve narrowed it down to…

I know the girls would be all over these Western Chief Rain Boots too.  They’re glittery pink AND they light up.
If you’re anything like me, you probably know how difficult it is to get out and go shoe shopping with kids.  That’s why I love that Nordstrom makes it so easy.  I just go online and shop around, order kids’  shoes that I like, and make sure to add a few sizes.  And for the sizes that don’t fit, I just ship them back to Nordstrom, free of charge.  The return sticker label is already in the box, so there’s nothing to print out.  Super easy.
And I know I posted here about my favorite Holiday Toys from Nordstrom, but I had a chance to visit our local store last week, and can I just say that they truly have outdone themselves!
I don’t think they could’ve fit much more on the shelves and tables!  Check out their entire online Toy Shop here.
As I was checking out the latest toys, I noticed they added this cute little Frozen music box and miniature musical carousel, that both feature “Let It Go.”

Dress // Heels (now on sale) // Watch // Earrings // Bracelet // Ring // Essie Plumberry // Sunnies
Also, my Tory Burch Cora Dress has been marked down by almost $200.  Not sure how long this sale will last, but it’s currently available in all sizes.  Head back to this post to see how it’s going to be one of my holiday dresses this season, and some other holiday dress suggestions.
The Tory Burch Sweater Dress that can be worn over it is also on sale too.
Happy Tuesday!
A big thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.  As always, all opinions are my own.

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