Wednesday Whereabouts: Final Day at My Childhood Home + Blog Sale


Well, today was the final day at my parent’s house.  The new owners arrived at the house at 10am.  My mom, dad and I stayed until the last possible moment.  Such a sad day.  So many memories there…twenty-three years worth.  But as I’ve said before, and with your supportive comments, I know that the memories will continue in their next house.  So thankful for that!

 If you’re looking at the house, the right front corner wing of the house (pictured above) was my bedroom growing up (the only bedroom on the first floor).  It was the old master, and I loved having my own space, away from my parents and sisters.
Yes, I’m crazy and all kinds of sentimental, and I took photos of every single thing.
Seriously makes me sad just looking at these little details.
Bye, bye house.  One final goodbye!

Just a heads up that I’m posting a blog sale on Instagram tonight at 8 (@sweetsouthernprep).  If an item doesn’t sell on Instagram tonight, I’ll post it on the blog in the morning, along with my Thirsty Thursday cocktail recipe.

Hope y’all have a great rest of your Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts: Final Day at My Childhood Home + Blog Sale

  1. Your parent's home is so beautiful! I know how sad it is to say goodbye to your childhood home, such a sad sad day for me when it happened. Sounds like you have lots of happy memories to take with you though and you will definitely make new ones in their new home.

  2. Beautiful home! Last Summer my parents moved out of my childhood home to build another one. It was tough, but our new home is finally ready for move in and it already feels like home again to me!

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