Tuesday Trends: Misikko Flat Iron Review

I’ve had many readers email me about my hair routine.  Well, let me tell you, first off, my hair isn’t naturally straight.  I wish!  When I was younger, it was naturally straight, shiny and long.  As I got to high school, my hair’s texture started to change.  It became frizzy and hard to handle.  It wasn’t until mid-college that I discovered a flat iron, and managed to control the frizz much more easily.  More recently, I’ve been using the same straightener for the last five years, to tackle the frizz, after blow drying it, but not until a month ago, did I fall in love with a new hair straightener.

Meet the Misikko 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron

This baby is the real deal.  I used it once, and not only did it tame the frizz better, but it also took less time to straighten my hair.  And let’s be honest, as a mom, every second counts, when I’m getting ready in the morning.

 This is me, au natural.  No make-up, hair is semi-dry, before a blow-dry.

 After I blow-dry it.  Still pretty frizzy.

 And finally, after using the Misikko.

And this is what it looks like at the end of the day (semi-wavy, but definitely not frizzy).
<photo courtesy of Little E>

I’m so grateful for the rep at Hana Salon, for sending me their straightener to review.  I don’t think I’ll ever go back to my old straightener again!

The Misikko 1″ Flat Iron is currently on sale for $129.98, from $204.99.
In addition, use code: SALE10, to receive an extra $10 off (the $10 off is only good through today).
Their straightener ships the same day, and it’s free shipping!  Can’t beat that!
P.S.  Be sure and check J.Crew’s sale often, if you’re looking for some serious steals…

I got these 3″ Chino Shorts today, for only $13.99.  They were final sale, and an extra 30% off.  Use code: SPRINGBEST to receive 25% off your entire purchase.

And all you Bulldogs fans, how great is this Bulldog Tee from J.Crew Factory?

Happy Tuesday, Y’all!

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Misikko Flat Iron Review

  1. Love the steals from J. Crew. The bulldog tee is adorable, and I love the color of those shorts as well.

  2. your hair always looks great! That's funny about your hair texture-my hair was complelty straight like my mom's and then went wavy like my Dad's when I hit middle school! Does anyone know why this happens haha?

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