Wednesday Whereabouts

Shorts in December!  But still getting prepped for the holidays.  A lot of you asked where I got these light bulb necklaces for the kids.  Got them here.  And honestly, I make them wear them when we go to outdoor holiday parties at night, so I can find them.  Haha.

On Saturday, we headed to Daniel Island for their Holiday Festival.  The boys stayed with Lanier, so the girls and I could have some girl time.  And of course, we had the BEST time!

Anyone remember these??

On Saturday night, we headed out to an Ugly Sweater Party.  Had to hold her before she went to bed.  #babyfix

I got my sweater here.

I got Lanier’s here.

Sunday Church.  They’re all wearing Bella Bliss.

My apologies again for the lack of posts lately.  I’m attempting to get all the rooms ready and we’ve been furniture shopping a lot.  Yesterday was extremely successful.  So excited to see more and more furniture filling spots in our house.  Can’t wait to show you the finished product!  The boys’ beds come in on Monday morning and they are so excited!

Taking down the old light fixture last night.  And we have a tree!

This light fixture will be in our dining room.

The only problem I’m having now is which light bulbs to purchase.  Do I get frosted or clear?  I want ones that don’t cast shadows on the wall.  So which bulb is better for prohibiting that?  Any suggestions would be truly appreciated!

My girls.  Photographed by Ashley Goverman

On Monday night, I went to an ornament exchange party and my friend had the most amazing food spread.  The bottom right ones had maple syrup and bacon on them.  To die for.  I’ll work on getting a recipe for y’all.

I want to take my girls to see the movie, Wonder.  Is it age-appropriate for them?  I picked up this book to read to them before we go.  I’m so excited to see it.  Such a wonderful message!

I hope y’all are having a great week so far!

Happy Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts

  1. Love that light fixture! My husband actually works in lighting and suggests not to go LED, stick with the “incandescent E12 Torpedo clear” bulbs 🙂

  2. You absolutely should take the girls to see Wonder! Most of my 4th graders have read the book, and even the younger grades have read it too. It has such an amazing lesson in it. You will not be disappointed! Remember to pack some tissues though :-)!

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