Wednesday Whereabouts

This past week, L tried rice cereal for the first time.  He didn’t cry about it, but wasn’t amused.  Guessing from his face, I’m thinking we’ll stick with just formula for a little while longer…

The girls and I also headed to the Discovery Place on Monday.  They got to pet Kenny the snake, a horseshoe crab, a starfish, a sea urchin and a hermit crab.  I think their favorite part was really just getting to play in the water.

I got my iPhone yesterday, and am addicted already!  My DaniNotes case was all ready for its arrival.

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Happy Wednesday!

8 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts

  1. Love the cover you chose! Have you seen any cute/monogrammed MacBook Air cases? I remember you said you got a new Apple laptop…I just got the Air last week and want a cute case now-thanks!

  2. Love your post! Let me know how you like your case. I have been wanting a "fancy" case. Right now I have a boring case similar to the otterbox for when Van drops my phone.

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