Wednesday Whereabouts

 My grandfather celebrated his 87th birthday last Friday, on the 2nd.
 Little V, here with Sister #3 of the 6
 My grandfather with almost all of his grandchildren (missing three)
L loves his great-grandfather…especially when he feeds him cheese straws, yogurt, whipped cream…and cake!

On Saturday, W, E and I headed to the lake for a birthday party.
E here, hanging out with one of her best buddies.
 This slide may look calm here, but if you follow me on Instagram and saw the video, it was intense!
But the girls loved it!

We took a quick dip in the lake before heading home.
 Before the rain came, we managed to squeeze in a pool day this past Monday.
 W is wearing a Lilly Pulitzer swimsuit.  It’s sold out, but I’m absolutely loving these…
I always tend to go for the two-pieces because they’re so much easier for the girls in the bathroom.
 I took the photo above, a little over two years ago…
 …and then snapped this one on Sunday night (yes, E has a mitten on, must have grabbed it from the dress-up clothes).  They’re growing up WAY too fast!
 Cannot believe this kid will be 2 next month!
 The hubs had a lot to celebrate this past Sunday.  He ran another triathlon!
Just the fact that he completed it is enough in my book, but he’s still hungry for more races!
A one mile swim, 27 miles on the bike and 6 miles running.  Whew!
Needless to say, we’re all so very proud of him!
 Today, the weather was almost fall-like.  We headed over to Dean & DeLuca to meet my mom and sister (#6 of the 6) for lunch, and then finished the afternoon off at Pinkberry, before naps.
E’s Dress is by J.Crew Crewcuts, the Pom-Pom Dress.
The girls’ sandals are Saltwater Sandals by Hoy.
 The best part is they’re sisters, best friends forever.
 Such a sweet moment, V and E hanging out in an old diaper box…
 …until E started tormenting him.
His face looks like he’s saying, “Just you wait until I get a little older.  Payback, sista.”

All in all we’ve had a wonderful week.  Hope you have, as well!
Happy Wednesday!

9 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts

  1. What a great picture of your grandfather with all the kids, such a great moment to capture! Looks like yall are having a great week! I used to live in Charlotte and definitely miss Dean and DeLuca lunches!

  2. I love your blog – I look forward to seeing your posts every day, and this one was wonderful – love the picture of your granddaddy with all his great grandchildren – and love that bikini and the little goldfish container. Where are they from? Libbet

    1. The bikini is from Victoria's Secret. I'm afraid most are sold out now. Would you believe the little goldfish jar is an old baby food jar? My friend used them as part of her daughter's party favors this past weekend!

  3. Love love love all the pictures. The one with all the grandkids is priceless given all the different expressions and that last one of V is awesome. Watch out E! W in the window picture is beautiful! She looks older than she really is and it is like a preview of what she will look like older/

    1. I know what you mean. My eldest daughter just turned 5 and is starting K at the end of the month. I can't believe how fast time is passing by!

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