Wednesday Whereabouts

We finally hit up the beach last week for a fun playdate.  One thing I’ve learned quickly – tidal pools are key!  And yes, my boys still wear their floaties even at the beach.  These big tidal pools even without having to worry about current, undertow and waves, it’s still easier to know that if they fall, I don’t have to be right there with them to catch them in the water.  And let’s be real, I have to keep my eyes on four at the beach, so there’s no way I can watch them all at the same time.  I still won’t let the kids go into the waves without another set of eyes with me.  The undertow is real and it can pull them under so quick!  Plus, I think the boys kind of like lounging around floating in the tidal pools with their floaties.
Vaughn also enjoyed trying to catch himself a seagull.  He was so determined!
Very impressed with Wheeler’s writing skills and she’s such an awesome illustrator!  How cool is her pic of the Ravenel Bridge?
Wheeler had her end-of-year party this past Friday.  Lanier watched the kids while I went with her, and it was such a treat to have some one-on-one time with her!

Friday night, after a very full day of pool fun, the kids went to bed early and Lanier and I grilled out mahi and I got to try out my most recent cocktail from this past Thursday’s post.  It was delicious!!  Thankfully, a large citronella candle has been keeping the bugs away on our back deck, so we’ve been taking full advantage of eating alfresco on these breezy evenings as often as possible.  As for these blue sandals, I got them a few years ago and have worn them every so often.  But I’ve been grabbing them again and again more recently.  Had no idea I had so many pieces that paired so well with them!  My Drusy Bracelet has also been on repeat lately too.  It’s just the prettiest stone.

Cover-Up (even prettier in the back!) // Flip Flops // Sunnies
On Saturday, we took the boat out for most of the day.  We had friends over that night for tacos, so we had to get back by 6.  We had the best time on the boat though, on a beautiful sunny day!  I brought my new Instax Camera along thinking it would be fun to capture some photos, but sadly they were all overexposed.  I think it was a little too bright on the boat.  Also available here.
But the kids sure do love using it!  I have to be careful not to leave it out though, or they’ll go through them in ten seconds flat.  Wheeler had me take some photos of her, so she could give them to her teachers, so they’ll remember her.  So cute!  I think they like the fact that the pics are tangible, rather than on a phone or computer.

The perks of living here is having so many visitors!  One of Wheeler’s old buddies from school came in town and we met up with them for a breakfast and beach date on Sunday.  It’s always so good to catch up! // Wheeler’s Terry Cover-Up and Swimsuit
The pool is obviously still our favorite place!

Vaughn is getting more and more comfortable with the pool.  While he’s not quite coordinated to jump quite yet, he loves to get into the pool…and this is how he does it.  He kind of just walks in.  Freaks me out.  But he LOVES doing it…a lot!

Yurbuds iPhone Case (Have had this for about two years now and still love using it!  It holds my iPhone 5 with the cover.  It’s now sold out at Nordstrom, but I found it here and it’s on sale, but there aren’t many left!) // Nike Free 5.0s
I’m so excited that I’m getting to run more!  Of course I was trying to make it three days in a row, but it’s raining here today.  Hoping there’s a dry patch tonight when Lanier gets home, so I can squeeze it in!  This beautiful low country view above is on a small bridge that’s exactly 1.5 miles from my house, so I use it as my turnaround point some days.

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Just one more day with these three at home.  After tomorrow, Wheeler will be joining us!  Woohoo!

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Hope y’all are having a great week so far!

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  1. I keep the puddle jumper on my son at the pool and beach! So much easier and less stressful when you're alone with 2 kids or 4 in your case. Looks like you all are really enjoying Charleston!

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