June Bug Cocktail + For the Love of Family + Today’s Running Playlist

Nothing more fitting for today’s Thirsty Thursday that the June Bug Cocktail.
Found it here.
1oz Midori melon liqueur
1oz malibu coconut rum
1⁄2oz banana liqueur (optional)
1oz prepared sweet-and-sour mix
2oz pineapple juice
Mix well.
Pour over ice.
I posted to Instagram this morning that I would share my running playlist on today’s post.
It’s one of my favorites I’ve had in awhile.
(via Mumford & Sons Pandora Station)
Here you go…

Dress // Flip Flops // Spike Bracelet // Drusy Bracelet // Polish is Tuck It In My Tux // Tassel Necklaces are by Melvin – featured on The Today Show this morning!

For the Love of Family
Can’t believe it’s already Thursday AND the 4th of June!  Wheeler’s last day of school was today!  She keeps telling everyone she’s a first grader now.  Why do they rush things and want to grow up so quickly?  I guess that’ll be the case for quite a while from here on out and I don’t like it one bit.  She keeps telling me that it’s okay and that she’ll live with me forever.  I’m okay with that answer, but seriously time, slow down.  And then there’s Effie who starts kindergarten in the Fall and doesn’t understand the concept of time at all and keeps telling me she’s going to kindergarten tomorrow.  Not quite.  When I remind her she has a few months, she loses the extreme excitement in her face and complains that she wants to start TOMORROW.  Kids, let’s enjoy the slowed down days of summer, shall we?  I want to relish in a relaxed pace of watching my little babies at this sweet and special age and soak in every. single. moment.
Time is fleeting and it’s just so bittersweet.  I mean, even sweet little Vaughn will be starting school in the Fall.  That’s seriously a whole other ball game that I’m not even going to think about yet.  In the words of Scarlett O’Hara, “I’ll think about that tomorrow.”  And Logan, I can’t forget Logan – my sweet cuddle bug that would much rather hang with me, content with sucking his thumb curled up in my lap any day of the week, rather than go to school.  They actually all like doing that with me.  And they better never ever stop.  Ever.  I know one day they’ll lose that innocence in their eyes and see the world differently.  It’s unfortunate, but that’s life.  My hope and prayer is that I prepare them as best as I can for the world they’ll face as they mature (with a little (okay a lot of) help from above), but for now, they’re my little precious, naïve children and life is good.  Really good.  And I’m not taking any of that for granted.  Hug your babies, no matter how old.  Hug your friends.  Hug your family.  Be so grateful for what the good Lord blessed your life with.
Deep thoughts on a Thursday, right?  Haha!
Cheers, Y’all!

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  1. I see so much of myself in this post. I sent my little guy off to kindergarten this year. He and I had spent the last two years with his sister off at school pal-ing around. It was a bittersweet day this past fall but it has been so amazing to see him mature and becoming a piece of who he is meant to be, cherish it all. Wonderful post today.

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