Tuesday Trends: Volree Wade Photography

Finally back up and running!  After explaining in my last post how my computer was misbehaving, well mid-blogging on Monday night, my keyboard battery died.  And of course, Murphy’s Law, the only batteries we’ve got in our house are AAA batteries.  And actually I have yet to buy AA ones, the ones in the keyboard right now are from W’s Innotab.

Anyway, I have been dying to show y’all photos from our photo session we had two weeks ago, with Volree Wade Photography.  Volree is a natural-light photographer, specializing in newborn, baby, children and family portraits.  I’ll let the photos do the talking, but Volree Wade is an AMAZING photographer!  I mean seriously, this girl has to have some skills, if she can get all four of my children to look at the camera at the same time!  Her calm nature helped the kiddos behave, and they actually listened to her.  My fear was that we’d start the photo session, and they’d all be screaming and wanting to be done already in a matter of seconds.  There were a couple of times where E (in true E fashion) wanted to take the photos and “Can I see the picture?”, and Volree just rolled with it.  She let E take some photos and showed her the pic, every time she asked.  In everything E does, she has to become the master, and only with first-hand experience…like any three-year old.

I’ve never had a professional photographer take photos of our family, so I had no idea what to expect.  What I love about Volree is that she came prepared, and even planned ahead of time.  She brought her own props, and even asked beforehand what we’d be wearing, so she could bring the appropriate props.  She arrived early, and was completely organized.  She knew exactly how she wanted the session to go, and laid out the plan for me (i.e. family photos first, kids next, etc.).  Coming from a planner myself, I loved that she set it up this way.  That way I knew the game plan, going into the photo shoot.

I love how Volree was able to capture each child’s personalities to a T!  I feel like so many times, when I’m taking photos of the children, I’ll want a certain photo, and by the time the kids are placed ‘just-so’, they’ll move, or jump, or laugh, and then blur the whole thing!  And then when I try to get them to “just stay still,” they get all upset, and then my chance at a photo is over.  Well, Volree sat them in their places, and just rolled with it.  If they jumped (like E in that one picture), she captured it.  If they were about to leap from their chair (like L), then she got the photo, before he ran (and boy, did that kid not want to sit still for a second!).  Think back to school pictures, and how the photographer cocked your head so awkward, and wanted you to smile, all while looking at a certain focal point…Volree was the complete opposite of that.

I’m in love with all of these photos!  The quality work Volree put together makes her a true professional photographer.  Like I said before, just look at her work above!  I’m still trying to decide which ones I want framed, because I LOVE all of them!  I’ll honestly cherish these photos forever.  Thank you so much, Miss Volree!  I can’t wait to take Christmas card photos, later this year!

If you live in the surrounding area (Charlotte, Pineville, Matthews, Fort Mill, Concord, Lake Wylie, Tega Cay, Rock Hill, etc.), Volree Wade would love to have a photo shoot with you!  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!  She’s also offering all Sweet Southern Prep readers a $25 print credit for any regular or newborn session booked through August.  Just mention SSP in the inquiry!

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Not that you need anymore proof, but here are a couple more samples…

13 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Volree Wade Photography

  1. Absolutely beautiful photos of a beautiful family! I love the coordinated outfits of navy and white! So crisp and fresh for Spring! 🙂

  2. These are beautiful pictures! Volree has done several sessions for us (including my recent maternity session) and she is the best! The shots always look so natural and not forced at all, and the lighting is always perfect, regardless of the actual weather. She can even get our 2 dogs to look and "smile" at the camera:)

  3. Beautiful family! W is the spittin' image of your husband – I always thought so, but photo #2 makes it perfectly clear!

  4. These photos are all so so perfect. You have such a lovely family, and I love that you were able to get one with you and your husband. I don't remember my parents ever having pictures of just the two of them while we were growing up, and I'd love to have a photo of them now when we were little. 🙂

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