Tuesday Trends: Smathers & Branson

Hope y’all are having a lovely Tuesday!  Can you believe we’ve already been to see Santa today?  I know what you’re thinking…we’re skipping Thanksgiving…but based on my decorating…the Thanksgiving season is still in full swing!  We just wanted to beat the crowds and lines, and decided to go today, and it worked!  Last year, W cried when we attempted to sit her on Santa’s lap.  This year, all three of them were angels.  Photos to come in December…and don’t worry, I’ll try and find last year’s pic too. 😉

So, I know many of you are thinking of gifts for Christmas.  Well, have you heard of Smathers & Branson!  I’m in love with their intricate, preppy needlepoint collection!  They offer anything from key fobs to belts, flasks to coaster sets!  Here’s my latest LOVE, that I purchased for the fall season!

And here are more of my favorites…

Don’t you just love their collection?
Have you ever purchased anything from S&B?
P.S. Y’all, please say a quick prayer for my friend.  I won’t go into detail, but she definitely needs all the prayers she can get today.  Thanks a million!

13 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Smathers & Branson

  1. I actually won a $250 smathers &branson gift certificate last week! I am so excited about getting a key fob. Family and friends are also getting Smathers & Branson for christmas, too!

  2. I have two of their key fobs and my husband and college son have a bunch of the belts. Do you know you can send the belt back and they will add or take away a inches if you lose or gain weight?

  3. I have always done all my own needlepoint but I think I'm gonna have to get myself one of those credit card wallets. It's perf for keeping in the whip's console to hold my car wash, gym, Blockbuster (altho, this one may be trash), ect cards. Merci beaucoup for the idea! XXOO

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