Tuesday Trends: Random Ramblings

I’m so glad y’all enjoyed the “How to Become a Southern Belle” post from yesterday.  LOVED all the #20’s that everyone added, too.  They were all perfect, but my favorite would have to be this one.  Completely agree!

From Kerry:

“Don’t make passive aggressive comments. Keep in mind that cloaking an insult in sweetness does not make it okay.”

As for The Help, my girlfriends and I didn’t see it last night.  We ended up going to get pedicures and then grabbing dinner at Dean & DeLuca.  We’re planning on seeing it next week instead, since one of our friends was unable to attend, and we know how badly she’s been wanting to see it.  Plus, it gives me more time to finish up the book!  Thanks for the “bring tissues” advice.  I’ll be sure and do that!

The U.S. Open started yesterday.  Anyone planning on watching it?  Any favorites?  If you’ve missed previous posts pertaining to tennis, I’m a huge Andy Roddick fan (even went to see him play at Wimbledon).  I’m always drawn to every match, usually it doesn’t even matter whose playing.  I love to watch the points, and see how I can improve my game…not that I’m even in their league, but it helps to see how I can play better.  For my tennis player readers, I love singles and LOVE to serve and volley…not much for long rallys.  I love doubles too.  I’m all about having a partner, but singles is so much better of a work-out.  One thing’s for sure, after watching a grand slam tournament, it ALWAYS makes me want to get out and play more!

Still can’t believe Thursday will mark the first day of September.
Hope y’all have a great Tuesday evening!
And please continue keep those that were in Irene’s path in your thoughts and prayers!
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6 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Random Ramblings

  1. I'm an Andy Roddick fan also! St. Louis has world team tennis matches in the summer. My dad's business used to be involved with the st. louis aces so he could basically do what he wanted. So he pulled some strings and a couple of my friends and I were ball girls. The atmosphere is laid back and fun! So anyway I was a ball girl for Andy Roddick and actually got to bounce balls to him. I was in like 7th grade so obviously we thought it was great. I kinda forget about this story but its so fun!!

  2. Good afternoon from Los Angeles!

    Ashley, I loved "The Help", and tissues are a must. That said, it's good that you're finishing the book first. What a wonderfully written tale. Enjoy the film, enjoy the comapny, and enjoy yourself some Roddick!




  3. my sis in law will be at the us open tomorrow. I went once on opening day and everyone is there. so fun! I was close to Sabrina and Venus warming up and saw Nadal play…heart broken over the devastation from irene. Our friend's vacation house washed away in VT…HUGS, jennifer aka gigi

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