Monday Manners: How to Become a Southern Belle

Hope your Monday is going well!  I got some organizing and cleaning done over the weekend, as the hubs was out of town in Mississippi on a boar hunt.  They had no luck, but still had a good time, with good company.  I don’t know what it is, but I’m so much more productive when the hubs is gone.  I guess I always feel like he gets a break on the weekends, so I should too.  So I always slack off a little then, but NOT this weekend.  I got so much accomplished, and I needed it!  I put most of the girls’ spring and summer clothes away, and got out their fall/winter outfits.  I still think it will be awhile before they wear coats and long sleeves, but it’s always nice to be prepared!

So after lots of cleaning out, the girls and I went shopping today.  Can’t turn down free balloons at Nordstrom!  One thing on the list, new rain boots.  W grew out of her rain boots, that E can now fit into – perfect timing, so I got her some pink Hunters.  I think she likes them, just a little bit, she’s been wearing them all day!  I already own black ones myself, but after seeing hers, I may need to have a little talk with Santa, come Christmas time.  Fuschia may be calling my name…

I also picked up these New Balance running shoes for both girls, for their back-to-school shoes.  They’re not allowed to wear crocs or sandals to school, so I knew these would be comfortable and so cute to wear!


Found this article on, thought you might enjoy it.  Let me know what you think!

How to Become a Southern Belle
  1. To be a southern belle you must first be presented into society, which means a debutante ball or cotillion. 
  2. A true southern belle has perfect manners. Read up on your table manners, and make sure to always practice them. When you bump into someone accidently, say “Excuse/Pardon me”, when someone gives you a compliment, smile and say “Thank you!”. And of course, always be polite to everyone.
  3. Respect your elders. Call anyone you meet “Ma’am” and “Sir”, unless told to do otherwise.
  4. Add the nicknames “Sugar”, “Sweetheart”, “Darlin'”, “Lamb”, and “Baby”, to your vocabulary, and start calling your friends that. Don’t overdo it though!
  5. Make sure you always dress well, and are presentable at all times. Do not wear clothes that are too revealing. Southern belles love wearing dresses, pearls, heels, and nice jackets. Invest in a few nice, casual dresses if you can.
  6. Keep yourself looking clean and neat. Bathe everyday, wear a light perfume, keep your hair looking nice and clean, keep your nails manicured and polished, and never cake on the make up!
  7. Southern Belle’s are very family-oriented. Always help out your family, spend quality time with them, and love them. Call your Mother, “Momma”, and call your Father, “Daddy”, regardless of how old you are!
  8. Take compliments well. When you’re complimented, do not try to shoot down the compliment. When someone says “You look very pretty today!”, smile warmly and say “Thank you! I love your —!”. Complimenting them back shows that you’re a sweet, kind person.
  9. Smile! A southern belle always has a bright, warm smile on her face.
  10. Have Southern hospitality. A southern belle is sweet, kind, and generous to everyone they come across. This is where “Southern Hospitality” comes in to play. If you don’t like someone, still be polite and sweet. And if you can’t, simply do not say anything!
  11. Learn how to make sweet tea! Offer it to everyone who visits your home. It’s a Southern staple, and tastes delicious!
  12. Do your momma a favor, and clean the house for her a few times a month. Doing chores for your Momma shows that you care, and respect all the sacrifices she does for you!
  13. Finish school. A southern belle has an education, and a good head on her shoulders.
  14. Don’t drink excessive amounts of alcohol. A Southern belle would never be caught singing drunk in her panties.
  15. Never swear. Use euphemisms instead. Say “Darn” instead of “D-mn”, and so on. Swearing shows a lack of intelligence, it sounds dirty, and it’s completely unnecessary.
  16. Never speak of using the restroom to anyone. If you need to use the restroom, simply excuse yourself.
  17. Southern belles are very religious. Respect your religion, and those of others, as well. God is your number one go-to advice-giver.
  18. Have a genuine, sweet, down-to-earth attitude.
  19. Pay attention to how you present yourself. Hold your head up high, sit up straight, and have a neat, groomed appearance.
What would YOU add for #20??


Hope today is a great start to your week!
 Some girlfriends and I are going for pedicures, and to see The Help tonight.
Can’t wait to finally see it!

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  1. -thank you notes
    -preserving your family heirlooms and treasures

    i know you said just one but I culdn't resist! Love the pink wellies!

  2. Love the article about how to become a southern belle! Despite not growing up in the south, I am extremely blessed to have been raised this way. The pink wellies are fantastic, by the way!


  3. Ohh I love the pink Wellies! I have grey, but might need pink for a pop of color! Have fun at the Help…bring some tissues…it was great!

    1. I totally agree! I would definitley add that one to the list too. Momma alwasy said "if you do not have anything nice to say then do not say anything at all!" =)

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