Tuesday Trends: New Purchases and a Weekend Recap

In the blog world, I’m sure most of you preppy ladies have heard of the Preppy Mafia.  Well, one of the women that started it is Beth Dunn, her book Social Climbers is part of my giveaway that ends tomorrow.  Don’t forget to enter!  The other half of the Preppy Mafia is 2PreppyGirls.  She not only has the cutest blog, but she also sells way too many lovely monogrammed products.  The other week I won some monogrammed decals in a giveaway, and decided to add to the loot.  I seriously could have ordered way too many things, but controlled myself.  I mean, ladies, she seriously monograms everything!  After receiving a car and cell monogrammed decal, both in pink, here’s what else I purchased:

Two of these, except my monogram was in pink, and I ordered the 24 oz size.  These are large tumblers, but I figured if I can drink 2 1/2 cups of these a day, I’ve had my 8 glasses of water that I’m supposed to drink daily.  Plus, I ordered some lids, so now I don’t have to worry about W picking up my glasses in the den anymore, and spilling them all over the place.  Genius!  And the best part about these tumblers, they have a lifetime guarantee.  Click here to order your own!

I also ordered this personalized stamp.  I already have one that I use for stamping my address on envelopes, but this one is perfect for making any paper more personal.  I also thought I could use this stamp to label my books, in my book library, since I’m always passing them around to friends, to read.  To order your own, click here.
Alright, now the best part, to receive 10% off your next purchase, simply use this code:  2PGBLOG.  

Happy Shopping!


We had a great time visiting the hub’s grandmothers this past weekend, and you know they had a wonderful time seeing their great-granddaughters.  I know the trip was too short, but it was better than not going at all.  Can you believe the grandmother with the white hair is 96!  Unbelievable!  Just as beautiful as ever.

W was obsessed with this big bear the entire visit.  She called it Papa Bear.

Can you tell we’re close to Savannah?

Instead of picking these flowers in Meme’s yard…

W kept grabbing bark from the tree, and bringing it to Meme.  I’m sure Meme liked that much more, rather than having her beautiful blooms be picked.

Yes, E had a great time too…

being loved on by both great-grandmothers.

I LOVE this photo.  It captures so much.

Hubs’ mom (Grammy) and dad came with us.  His mother’s mother is Meme (from the first pic).

His dad’s mother is the other one.  W loves her Poppy!  Oh, and in case you’re wondering, that’s Glenn Beck on the television in the background.  She watches him every single day.
We already miss them so much!


Today is the huge Lilly Warehouse Sale in Philadelphia.  I’m so jealous of everyone who got to go.  There better be some great blog sales upon your return, with anything that didn’t fit just right.  Thanks, ahead of time!  And happy shopping!

22 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: New Purchases and a Weekend Recap

  1. I just love those photos of the grandmothers. You're right, the last one is precious. Great-grandma is listening so intently to every word W speaks. How cute.

    The both look fabulous. My 96 year old grandma can't get out of bed and hardly remembers me or my family. How wonderful yours is still "with it," living in her home and watching Glenn Beck. I love it!

    Great memories for you and your family.

  2. You got some beautiful pictures of the little cuties with their grandmother's! Absolutely precious! I love 2 preppy girls you can get so many fun monogrammed things! Looks like you're one lucky girl winning lots of giveaways!


  3. It looks like you has a wonderful weekend! Very cute monograms! – Oh, and I hope I look that good at 96 – she's adorable 🙂

  4. I love the monogrammed tervis tumblers. We got a ton with the SC state flag for our wedding and they are seriously amazing! Your photos are so cute. The little ones are adorable.

  5. Tervis tumblers are awesome, but they now come with lids?! SOLD! Looks like a great weekend had by all, how cute are the great-grandmothers?!

  6. How blessed you are to have so many generations of women in your family. The photos are beautiful – truly – your daughter have wonderful genes! I wish I could go to the Lilly sale too – drat work!

  7. Those monogrammed products are to die for! I'm so glad you had a great weekend- looks like so much fun! Your children are adorable as always! I agree, what a blessing!

  8. Aw those tumblers are so cute! I think i am going to have to get some for myself! There are so many great things on that website!!!

  9. What great pictures. How wonderful you got to visit. The grandmothers do look wonderful. Wow 96 how great. Love those tumblers too. Nice that they have a lid. I need to order some of those monograms.

  10. Those pictures are just great! Where do you get Miss W and Miss E's adorable bubbles/rompers?

    Love the pic with the great grandmas…you're going to be so thankful for this pic in they years to come and so will they!

  11. If I can monogram it, I want it…LOL! I completely know what you mean. Tervis tumblers are awesome and I would love to get one that is monogrammed. I have a few already and these really are the best. It is a great way to keep track of your daily water intake too.

    The monogram stamp is really great too!

    That is so great that the kids got to visit with their great grandparents. The flowers in Meme’s garden are gorgeous. W and E look so cute in all of these photos and I especially love the one of the kids with your husband’s grandmother.

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