Tuesday Trends: The Men Tell All

For those of you who still watch The Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons, myself included, no matter how ridiculous each season gets, did you watch last night’s episode?  I thought all of the men were pretty mature, and composed themselves very well…compared to when it’s The Bachelor, and the women tell all.  The women always act so much cattier toward one another.  Seriously, the guys even managed to make jokes at Crazy Kasey, and he was okay with it.  I still don’t understand how they all accepted his mental state, but good for them.  They even made comments about Frank, that actually made complete sense.  They said he wasn’t like Justin (Rated R), that he came on the show, wanting to find love, but had no idea his old feelings for his previous girlfriend would come flooding back.  Albeit, he is selfish, and broke Ali’s heart, I don’t think he wanted to do that.  I think all of the guys agreed on that.  One thing’s for sure, when Ali finally came out, you could tell all of the men still loved Ali!

I apologize to those of you who haven’t watched this season.  I’m sure all of this sounds foreign to you, but I’ll be back to my normal posting tomorrow.  In the meantime ladies, who should Ali choose?  If you know already, no spoilers please!  Thanks!

Chris L. from Cape Cod
Roberto from Charleston (far left)

Ask Sister #5, I loved Chris L. from the beginning.  Although he does act a little awkward, I think it has more to do with the cameras being there, than how he really acts.  He just seems so genuine and smitten with Ali.  I seriously hope she doesn’t break his heart!

I can’t wait to find out next week who will get the final rose!
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28 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: The Men Tell All

  1. Completely agree- the guys acted very mature last night. I was happy to see that. Craig made me laugh too!

    I am hoping for Chris too!!!! LOVE him!

    Are you going to watch the Bachelor Pad? Looks like a train wreck, but I just have to watch it too!

  2. Didn't watch the season but tuned in last night for bits and pieces before my favorite shows came on. That one guy with the tattoo is looney tunes! Must've been an interesting season for sure! I still can't believe people actually go on this show expecting to find love! Guess there's a bunch of optimists out there, which is good for all us reality tv junkies! Happy Tuesday!

  3. You are too cute! Yes, Alton and I have been hooked this season. We both love Chris L aka "The Young Paul Newman" right? Take another look! So handsome! He is the perfect match. He'd stay home with the kids and she can work her rear-end off!

    Although, Roberto's dimples… I could get sucked into those!

  4. Yes, I agree with passport. I hope she picks Chris, because I would love to see Roberto as the next bachelor. In fact, we NEED him as the next bachelor, because the last couple of seasons have been boring.

  5. I haven't been watching this season, even though I meant to! I did watch last night though, and have been reading the recaps the next day! I am hoping for Chris!

  6. I am a Bachelor addict. I've watched every season. I agree with everything you said in your post, I actually said a lot of it in my post as well haha. I love Chris L. and Roberto but I don't think she will choose to be with either of them. I think Ali really fell for Frank. If she does choose then I hope it is Chris L. because I don't see anything beyond physical chemistry with she and Roberto.

  7. I am so glad you posted on this, Ashley! I watched it and too was happy with how the men handled everything. They were all very mature. I really want Ali to pick Chris, but I don't think it will happen. Maybe he will be the next bachelor?!

    Are you in for the Bachelor Pad?! I can't wait!!!


  8. I haven't seen it but that is why us women can get a bad rap for being mean, we should obey the cardinal rule, something about when you have nothing nice to say

  9. I hope she picks Chris L! I really started to like him during the family visit to Cape Cod. He was finally a little more relaxed there. I do think she is more attracted to Roberto, but I think she has more fun with Chris. We all know looks fade with time, so she should go with Chris! Can't wait for the final rose!

  10. I haven't watched last night's Men Tell All yet, but I cannot wait to see who she picks! I actually think both guys seem really great this time. I'm leaning a bit toward Chris L though.


  11. i totally agree! i think ali had by far the best selection of guys out of all of the previous seasons.

    i melted last night watching the recaps of her with chris l. love at first sight, yes!

    can't wait for the finale; have a great week! 🙂

  12. Now, I feel left out. I haven't been watching but now I feel up-to-date and I might just tune in next week. I'm so glad to here the the men conducted themselves with class!

  13. I just watched The Men Tell All show. Wow. We all knew from the beginning that Justin was a sleezeball and wasn't right for Ali…I felt like the show talked about him 75% of the time! When it comes to Chris v. Roberto, I think they are both very wonderful guys and both of them seem to have chemistry with Ali. Secretly though, I hope Chris wins because he seems like the "right" guy to me! 🙂

  14. I was at a bbq at my parents so I missed the episode last night. Although I was so embarrased for Kasey when I saw the previews and he was singing…Anyways I hope she chooses Chris!

  15. Fun post! I watch it too and think "why do I do this brainless entertainment…but the romantic side of me wins out and I become a sucker! I pretty much agree with your take on it all….will be fun to watch!!

  16. i have a guy friend who is OBSESSED with Ali! it's so fun… i actually work with a model who was on the bachelorette years ago (he did NOT get a rose — poor thing!) it's amazing how this has reached such a fever pitch!

  17. I still watch too! Very interesting but Justin should have showed up! Bachelor Pad should be interesting too! Hope you're having a great week!

  18. I have not watched this season, but once I see an episode I get totally hooked! Maybe I'll tune in next season and have my Monday nights taken over by reality tv romances. 😉

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