Monday Manners: Grits Etiquette

Who doesn’t love grits?!  Just writing this post makes me want some, with butter, salt and a sprinkle of cheese.  According to Miss Janice, there is a proper etiquette with grits.  I never knew this, but I’m thinking it’s because these rules have been ingrained in my head since I was little.  I guess a Southern girl just knows.

“Given enough of it, the inhabitants of planet Earth would have nothing to fight about. A man full of [grits] is a man of peace.” [The Charleston News and Courier, 1952]

-Grits should always be served on a plate…along with your eggs and bacon and eaten with a fork; unless they are served alone, then you may use a bowl. Of course, they may also be served in a martini glass for a posh presentation!

-Grits are always eaten with a fork, because they should be thick enough not to run through the tines.  This is especially true for my daughter, who is learning to eat with utensils.  Grits are her favorite, but they can be a little frustrating to eat, if the grits are too runny.

-Never put syrup on your grits–this irritates us Southerners to no end!

-Don’t even think about putting sugar on your grits!!!

-Ketchup on your grits?…no ma’am, that’s very Waffle House!

-Don’t you dare eat instant grits…don’t you dare!

-Don’t call grits “cream of wheat”–again, very irritating to Southerners!

 Do y’all agree, or disagree with these?  Are there any of you who have never eaten grits?

And the best part?  Miss Janice is giving away some grits-inspired goodies, to a lucky winner.  Two books, a GRITS (Girls Raised in the South) apron, and some Dixie Grits.

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26 thoughts on “Monday Manners: Grits Etiquette

  1. love grits and ate them alot when we lived in NC. now that we are in Boston, not as many people are familiar with them. In fact I have made them at brunch a few times and my guests were like "what's this?"
    Happy Monday,

  2. We love grits, especially with cheese! We always ate ours with butter, s&p until we moved to south Georgia and had cheese grits as a side with fried catfish! So very good and I have never gone back to grits w/o the cheese.

  3. You are too funny! For this Chicago Native, I will tell you I have never tasted Grits- surprising too I am married to a southern boy who's mom makes them every time we go home to visit… what do they taste like? And I have heard something about Cheesy Grits? What are those? Is that a no-no too?

  4. I've never eaten grits. Can you believe it? But, I got a great recipe last week from Nola Girl and I plan to make them this week. I'll let you know what I think. 🙂

  5. Yum! Gillian Grace loves grits! I always serve them to her in a bowl! That picture is too funny, grits all over her face…precious! Never tried Henley on the Horn's jalapeno and cheese idea but it's got my taste buds watering!

  6. That picture of W is just too stinkin' cute!!! AND I've never eaten grits in my life either, but am now curiously smitten…hmmm.

  7. Found your blog through Shannon's Webbisodes blog.
    I just got the biggest laugh out of this post and I'll tell you why. I married a man from the south and when we were first married he asked me to make grits. Wanting to please my new man I promptly called my grandma and asked her what grits were and she said it was like cream of wheat (of course neither my grandma nor myself are southern, but I figured grandma knows best) so I went to the grocery, bought cream of wheat, put it in a bowl, poured some syrup on it and handed it to him with a spoon. See where I'm going with this? I did all the things you said irritate people from the south. He has me well trained now and I had to take a few lessons on how to make proper grits from my husband's mama. I'm sure he was thinking he made a huge mistake in marriage when I handed him that bowl, but he was very sweet when he threw it down the drain and said, "We need to get you trained right."

  8. It's very anti-southern of me to say this, but I don't like grits. Eeeeeek!! Maybe I just haven't had any good grits? Could that be the problem? I'm pretty sure I just don't like them.

    I can't believe I just admitted that…

  9. Of course I know grits! I am a NC girl! I eat them just like you….salt and butter!!!Are you kidding me with the sugar and syrup??????!!! Must admit, I have a recipe that has cream cheese in it and that is fabulous too!!!

  10. I found myself cringing at your list of "don'ts"…sugar, ketchup, SYRUP?! Heavens to betsy?! People do that? 😉

    Butter, salt or cheese only…yum yum…Wonderful guide!

  11. This is great for my southern lesson today! That picture of your daughter is hilarious! She is so cute! What a little lady in training.

    xo Marcie

  12. Whoops. I eat instant grits all the time! I always eat breakfast at work so at least I have an excuse! My daughter loves them too. Maybe I'll try to be a bit more domestic this weekend and make her REAL grits!

  13. That picture of your daughter is so adorable! She looks like she's getting into mischief. I love it! You may not believe this, but I've actually never had grits! I want to try them though. I'll remember this post when I do and eat mine with a fork. 🙂


  14. Hey Ashley! I hope you're feeling better sweetie! Sorry to have been MIA this month, July has seriously flown by between work and travel. I'm so glad y'all have had the chance to do some traveling as well, and of course plenty of beach time too! Your family is so adorable, I'm so jealous that you have so many sisters and that you get to see them so often! 🙂

    This post is so fun, I am in love with Miss Janice's giveaway too, just too cute! We LOVE grits, I was practically raised on them for breakfast and variations on cheddar grits for other side dishes. Yum yum yum! We had cheddar grits as one of the side dishes at our wedding too, the presentation was adorable! 🙂

    Loving the new pictures of the girls, send them a big hug for me! xoxo And a big hug to you too!!

  15. I couldn't live without cheese grits as a child and one of my grandmothers had to ship the instant because at the time it was all i would eat to North Dakota when my father was stationed there.

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