Tuesday Trends: Helping Those in Need

My friend posted an article she found, on her Facebook page the other day, and I HAD to share it with you.  It brought tears to my eyes, seeing all those who were willing to give and help those in need!  I know many of us are the lucky ones who get to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal with friends and family this year, but there are also many who aren’t able.  Click here, to take you to A Thanksgiving Dinner for Everyone (an article by blogger, Scary Mommy).  And please feel free to share this post with others, and if you blog, pass it on.  This is such an easy way we can help those in need, and give them a special Thanksgiving meal this holiday season!
The fall weather was simply beautiful yesterday.  I had plans to take the girls somewhere yesterday, but changed them, when I realized that all they wanted to do was enjoy the backyard leaves, swing, play “house” and enjoy a backyard fall picnic.  Sometimes, it’s the simple things, that end up being the most fun!    Boozer also enjoyed our company, as we don’t get to play with him in the backyard much, from June until late October…due to the mosquitoes!


Oh, and here’s a quick pic of the hubs and I, before we headed to a fundraiser dinner last week.  I got this dress a couple of months ago, and absolutely love it!  It’s so comfortable.  The material is thicker too, and and not so clingy.

Hope y’all have a super Tuesday!
I’m off to bring treats to E’s class, to celebrate her birthday, tomorrow…

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  1. What a great flat backyard-I am jealous! And an awesome pic of you and your husband-you both look great, how in the world did you hide your pregnancy from us for 9 months?!!

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