Tuesday Trends: Hayden Reis + Zhush

Let’s talk Hayden Reis and their amazing Ditty Tote.  I was so excited to take it with me to the beach this week.  I cannot say enough about how much I LOVE this tote.  It seriously holds everything!  They have thought of every addition you want in a good tote bag.  It’s lightweight, yet large enough that it can carry your beach towel, and much more.
While I love my Scout tote, it doesn’t have pockets.  This Hayden Reis tote has inside pockets, along with a zipper pocket, and a clip to hold your keys, so they don’t get lost in the bag.
Trust me, you’ll be using this tote for years to come.  The sailcloth is so durable, and easy to wipe clean, not to mention, the monogram is pretty great too.  Order yours now at Hayden Reis, and browse around, there’s lots more to see.
Have y’all had a chance to check out Zhush yet?  I absolutely LOVE everything her boutique has to offer!  There are so many lovely pieces, at an array of price points, that would surely brighten up any home.  Many pieces would make perfect gifts, as well.
($10 each)
I got this for my dad, this past Father’s Day.
The largest size is currently on sale.
Happy Tuesday, Y’all!

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Hayden Reis + Zhush

  1. I've been waiting to find a new Hayden Reis coupon code to come out, so that I could buy another bag. LOVE THEM! But, it's saying SSPREP10 isn't valid??

  2. I'm pretty sure I need another bag like I need a hole in my head, but now I'm also pretty sure I need one of those Hayden Reis bags, hmmm….

    And love Zhush! My faves you posted are the amethyst paper weight and agate magnets!

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