How I Do It: My Running Essentials + Lilly Pulitzer Online Sale

I know I’m at the beach this week, but yes, I’m crazy, and love running so much that I still find time to run, even while on vacation.  It’s also my chance to have some quiet time and listen to my Pandora.  And…it helps make up for the cocktails and appetizers I’ll be enjoying all week!

I’m a low-key runner.  While I love my kicks, and kind of splurged on them ($100), the rest of my running essentials are pretty inexpensive.  No Lululemon here.  Although I’ve thought about venturing over to the Lululemon store, I know I’d go crazy and rack up some serious credit card debt.  So for now, I’m happy with what I run in…

I love these shoes!  I haven’t had a single ache yet, and have been running in them for the last two months.  The bright neon pink was also a big draw, too.
This is a great armband.  It doesn’t slip and my iPhone fits securely into cover.

Adidas Headband Headphones
I don’t know if I have weird ears or what, but the ear buds will not stay in my ears when I run.  I still rock my old Sony headphones that came with my mp3 player eons ago, but these look just like them.

I love these socks, and have yet to get a blister wearing them.
I swear by these!  I have them in almost every color, and they’re so soft and not too tight.
Every time I’m at Target, I check out the selection, to see if they’ve added any new colors or prints.
I’m kind of obsessed with these.  Ever since buying my first pair in college, I’ve stuck with them, and now have quite the colorful collection.

I find these anywhere from Old Navy to Target.  I also run in C&C tanks I find at Target.
Basically any thin tank works for me.  They’re not the sweat-wicking kind.  I like them to wipe sweat off my face, and the cotton fabric doesn’t bother me.

Vineyard Vines Hat
I always run with a hat.  It really doesn’t matter what kind.
I just need something to keep the sun out of my eyes.

Get this app!  It’s free.  The GPS is so accurate, and I love all the stats it gives you.
If you’re familiar with My Fitness Pal, it’s very similar, where you have the option to let friends see your stats.  It will definitely make you more accountable, which I love!  It also allows friends to give you pep talks while you’re out running.

The Huge Lilly Pulitzer Online Sale starts this morning!
Let me know what all you snag!  I’m hoping to log in here soon!

Hope y’all have a great start to your week!

8 thoughts on “How I Do It: My Running Essentials + Lilly Pulitzer Online Sale

  1. Blogger is being blogger, sorry if I already sent this! I love these items! My neighbor just started training me. I want to tone and lose a few. Did you use running for weight loss at all?

  2. You are way smart to stay out of Lululemon – because once you go, you'll be addicted!! Enjoy the rest of your vacay love!

  3. Does the endomondo app count calories? I need an app that will track calories lost, also, when you were counting calories during the day what was your calorie amount you allowed yourself?

    1. It does. I used the My Fitness Pal app (actually I still use it), to track calories. It allows me to have 1200, but since I've hit my maintenance goal, I usually go over that.

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