Tuesday Trends: Godwin Gifts Giveaway!

First off, how ’bout them Panthers?  Okay, so it was supposedly one of the worst Monday Night Football match-ups in awhile, with both teams having a severe losing season, and both teams will probably fire both of their coaches at the end of the season, but it ended up being a close game, and we won!  And since we’re talking football, I’m so excited that UGA has a chance to play Notre Dame in the National Championship Game….if they beat Alabama on Saturday night!  Fingers crossed!!

In other news, I didn’t realize y’all wanted an actual explanation of how I handle my four young kids, and keep it together.  I thought it was just a sweet compliment, and only that.  Well, after several comments and emails from readers inquiring exactly how I do it, I’ve decided to begin a ‘How I Do It’ Series, where I’ll explain everything from how I handle disciplining my children, outings and errands with four, even fitting in that most coveted time of showering!  I’ll start the new series this coming Monday.  Hope you’ll like it!

My sister, #6 of the 6, Mary-Chase, has started a fabulous new Etsy shop called Godwin Gifts!  She’s always been the most talented and creative sister of the bunch, and now, thankfully, she’s decided to share her creations with everyone.

Currently, she carries coasters and frames, but will eventually carry scarves and other gift items, as well.  Her tile coasters are gorgeous, and have an array of designs that you can choose from.  You know my favorite – her Lilly printed ones!  The colored chevron ones are a close second, though!

For only $18, I think these coasters would make an original gift for anyone this holiday season…for a co-worker, roommate, friend or sibling.

One of the neat features is that they have cork bottoms, so there’s never a worry of them scratching any surface.

Her frames make a wonderful gift, as well!

Be sure and check out Godwin Gifts, for an original, colorful gift, for anyone on your Christmas list!
You can tell her I sent you!
Alright, now on to the best part…the giveaway!  Mary-Chase has generously offered to giveaway a coaster set of your choice from Godwin Gifts!  The winner will be chosen this Sunday, December 2nd, and announced on Monday, December 3rd.  The last day to enter will be Saturday, December 1st.
Here are the many ways to enter:

1 Entry:  Become a follower of Sweet Southern Prep (or let me know you already are)
Extra Entry:  Blog about the giveaway on your blog
Extra Entry:  Tell me the design you would choose from Godwin Gifts
Extra Entry:  Share this giveaway on Facebook
Extra Entry:  Tweet about the giveaway (make sure to tell me your name on Twitter). Mine is @SweetSouthPrep.
Extra Entry:  Add Godwin Gifts to your favorites on Etsy.
An extra entry each for every time someone refers you in their comments, about how they found out about the giveaway (I’ll keep track of this.).  Endless entries!

Please let me know in ONE comment, how many entries you get.  The easiest way would be to list it on your comment, 1., 2., 3., etc in one comment box.  That would help organize it for me a great deal.  There are lots of ways to get extra entries.  This is a quick giveaway!!

Happy Tuesday, Y’all!
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34 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Godwin Gifts Giveaway!

  1. 2 Entries for me please! I follow you, naturally. I love the chevron design the most. It matches any decor. Thanks for such a fabulous giveaway.

  2. 2 entries for me! I follow you and I love the multicolor chevron coasters. She is very talented, also I cant wait for the series- I am sure you have your hands full at all times!

  3. 3 entries!
    1. I follow you
    2. My favorite is the map coasters – I'd love to get them with my favorite city!
    3. I favorited her etsy shop


  4. 4 entrys:
    1. Follower
    2. I would LOVE the coca-cola set
    3. Shared on FB
    4. Added Godwin Gifts to my fav's on Etsy.

    Your sis is very talented! πŸ™‚


  5. 1. I am a follower.
    2. I love the lilly set!!
    3. I added Godwin gifts to may favorites on Etsy.

    This giveaway is great! Your sister is very talented – I will definitely be getting some holiday gifts from her shop! πŸ™‚

  6. 1. I am a follower of Sweet Southern Prep
    2. I blogged about the giveaway. sweetcarolinalove.blogspot.com
    3. I would choose the β€œLilly Pattern White” design. To dang cute!
    4. I shared this giveaway on Facebook (Clare Orsega)
    5. I tweeted about this giveaway on twitter @clareorsega
    6. I added Godwin Gifts to my favorites on Etsy

  7. so cute!
    1. I am a follower!
    2. I would pick the light blue chevron!
    3. I added the shop to my favorites (and will be looking for Christmas gifts there πŸ™‚

  8. 3 entries please:

    1 – i follow your blog
    2 – map coasters ((awesome))
    3 – i added her etsy to my favorites πŸ™‚

    btw, the mr. & mrs. frame on her etsy site is fabulous!!

  9. 1. I am a follower
    2. I love the black and white chevron frame!
    3. I added to my etsy favorites.

    I am looking forward to reading about how you do it. You seem very organized!

  10. 3 Entries:

    1. Follow you on GFC
    2. I would choose the tile coasters with the cookware pattern!
    3. Added Godwin Gifts to my Etsy favorites!

  11. 3 Entries-

    1. Follower of you!
    2. I would also choose the lily printed coasters
    3. Favorited them on etsy

    Fingers crossed I win!

  12. 3 Entries for me please:

    1. I'm a follower of Sweet Southern Prep.
    2. The Chevron and Lilly sets are my favorite.
    3. I added Godwin Gifts to my Etsy favorites.

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  13. 4 entires

    1. I'm already a follower!
    2. I would choose the Coca-Cola pattern! So cute!
    3. I tweeted about the give away!
    4. I added Godwin Gifts to my Etsy favorites!

    Thanks πŸ™‚

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