Tuckernuck and Bump Photos

Hello All!  I’m so glad to be back to regular blogging again!  I hope y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with good friends and family, good food and good fun!

Without further ado, I wanted to introduce you to my newest sponsor, Tuckernuck!  It’s “an online boutique that puts a fresh spin on classic American style.  They feature handpicked styles from both established icons and up-and-coming brands to celebrate and update the traditional look.”  There are over 75 different designers carried at Tuckernuck.  Some of my favorites, that I know I’ve posted about once or twice, are Devon Baer, Loren Hope, Vineyard Vines, Smathers & Branson and Elizabeth McKay.  Like I said, LOTS of my favorites, and what better way to shop them, than having them all consolidated into one place!

Here are just a few of my many favorites right now at Tuckernuck, that I’d love to add to my Christmas list…
A classic coat that never goes out of style!

A fun pop of color for the holidays!

Pink Pineapple Black Bubble Necklace
Regularly only $40, but today, with code: TUCKERHOLIDAY15, get it 15% off!

Elizabeth McKay Ruffled Blouse in Stirrups
Hurry! This is almost sold out!

And with Cyber Monday upon us, here are Tuckernuck’s deals.  Shop away!

Oh, and I’ve had some readers email me about my bump, and what I wore while I was pregnant.  I really didn’t wear any maternity, I just went with larger size clothes, and blousy tops.  Here’s a photo of me at L’s birthday in September (8 months preggo).

Looks can be deceiving.  While my bump looks small at 8 months pregnant, little V was 8lbs 9oz. W was 9lbs, E was 9lbs and L was 8lbs 7oz.  And I was actually the largest, at 9lbs, 9oz!
The top and shorts are J.Crew, just larger sizes than I normally wear.  I feel like I can get away with it, because I wear my shorts so low on my waist anyway, and J.Crew shorts are low waisted, so it worked for me, while I was pregnant.  I still wear J.Crew 3″ chino shorts in a rainbow of colors, all summer long, too!  I actually picked up three pairs last week, with their 30% off sale items, for only $14.99. Right now, they’re sale is 25%, with free shipping, using code: MONDAY.
And here’s another one at my dad’s 60th birthday party (8 months preggo).
Click HERE for my post, on what I wore.

Hope y’all have a great start to your week!

8 thoughts on “Tuckernuck and Bump Photos

  1. Thanks for sharing your non-maternity maternity wear! I do the same, easier to in the summer with shorts and dresses, now that the winter has hit it's a little harder but leggings are definitely my staple! My LO is due Saturday! You look great btw!

  2. I need the secret to how you stay so put together with four little ones! You always looks so adorable. I only have two (2.5 and 4 months), but I feel like I spend half my days in workout clothes.

  3. Yes, please do share how you do it all and look so put together with 4 under 4?!! My sister in law has 5 and I don't know how she does it except to say that it seems like people who were raised in large families just somehow have that magic touch to do it! I admire you and would love to know your "daily schedule"-like whenever do you even fit a shower in? Ha!!!!

  4. Hello, I'm expecting a second baby this march and am wondering what to do for maternity wear this time around. What tops do you recommend from jcrew? I am tall and will need them to cover my belly in the fall and winter. How about bottoms? Thank you!

    1. Hi Danielle! First off, congratulations on your second, coming soon! Didn't know if you knew, but J.Crew now carries maternity pants. I haven't tried them on, as they just came out with them about a month ago, but based on their other pants, I'm thinking these will do well during your pregnancy. If you're tall, I'd suggest getting the tall, if they have that option available. As far as J.Crew while pregnant, I just went up a couple of sizes, and it worked well for me. Even their Perfect-Fit tees were great during pregnancy. I just ordered larges, and sometimes xlarges. They fit well over my bump, and were super comfy. Also, the fact that J.Crew makes many of their knit tees on the long size, will help cover your bump. Now as for after you have your baby, that may be a different story. Many of my tops were stretched out, but with a wash and a dry, they shrunk a little, and I can still wear many of them. I would steer clear of anything that buttons up the front (like their boy shirts), as the buttons will stretch out over your belly. Hope that helps! And good luck!

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