Tuesday Trends: First Day of Preschool!

Today is W’s first day of pre-school!  I’m so excited for her, but a little sad too.  She is growing up too fast!  I know she’ll have fun socializing with her new friends, but as far as the curriculum goes, I think she’s a little TOO developed.  I know it’s two’s (she’s 26 months), and they don’t start learning letters and reading until kindergarten, but she can already identify all her letters (at 20 months, now 26 months), shapes and colors.  As a mother, I had to brag…a little.  Oh, and she can also sing the alphabet…I’ll have to do a vlog of it soon, that’s if she’ll let me.  🙂  I wonder what she’ll think when the first ENTIRE month focuses on red and the circle.  I can see her now, “Um, is that all?”  No, she won’t even know the difference.  Now if only those teachers could potty train her too, that would be AMAZING!!

I’ll be sure and post lots of pics, after W’s first day!  As for now, here are photos from over the weekend, visiting my grandparent’s.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Already looking for Santa.  🙂

 W loves saying, “Everybody clap your hands!” and making everyone clap with her.
One of my cousins just spent the last couple of months in Peru, and got the girls these cute, little toboggans.
C’mon W, say “Cheese!”

26 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: First Day of Preschool!

  1. They are so darling! Preschool starts for us today too! It makes me sad! Is that your grandmother's house? It looks so much like my grandmother's house! It's uncanny! She lived in NC too!

  2. Cute monogrammed dresses. 🙂

    Back-to-school for us today as well. Does it make me a bad mom when I say I'm a little excited? I welcome the schedule and routine.

    Hope W has a great first day. She'll love meeting new kids and participating in all the fun activities.

    Have a good one!

  3. Oh gosh, my heart just fluttered a bit when you said first day of Preschool! I'm just so sure I'll be a complete basket case when I drop GG off for her first day in a few years! Can't wait to see pics. Love the adorable outfits! If they're from a website shop puh-lease share!

  4. Oh so sweet and adorable … W advanced skills, shows how wonderful a Mommie she has, who spends time with her .. she will be leading her classmates along in learning!!! The girl's dresses are most darling!! Can't wait to see your post on her first day!! Hugs ..HHL

  5. Sweet pictures! Hope W has a great 1st day – the kids I nanny start today and the baby is only 15 months … I'm glad he's only going 2 mornings and hope he enjoys it, but sad that he's at that age to go (and he's not even mine)!

  6. Where does the time go?! She'll do great and she'll have so much fun playing with the other kids. She is super smart and it's your right as a parent to get to brag about it (:

  7. Well you know I am teaching in the twos class two days a week…and there is one boy in there who already knows everything as well. But he still has a lot of fun 🙂 Hope W had fun today!

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