Monday Manners: Southern Bread

I hope everyone is continuing to enjoy their Labor Day Weekend.  The hubs is off today, so we’re planning on relaxing, and may continue potty training W…though we’ll see about that.  Yesterday morning, I started W off with some “Special Princess” underwear, well she wet that pair, and then the next pair.  I then tried nothing, and she didn’t have time to wet, or try the potty, before naptime.  So…I’m going to try it all again today, and see if it gets any better.  If not, we’ll postpone it for another week.  So, what all did you do over the weekend?

On another note, look at all of these delicious Southern breads!  I love them all, but my favorites are definitely the cracklin’ cornbread and hush puppies!  W and E love hush puppies too!  We all ate a bunch of them on Saturday, while visiting my grandparents.  Which one is your favorite?  Did one get left off the list?  If you’re not from the South, what’s another bread you like?

Hope y’all have a great Monday!
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10 thoughts on “Monday Manners: Southern Bread

  1. Ok, seriously I'm going to have to try the hush puppies recipe. All week-end they have been popping up in all sorts of bogs. With a name like that one has to try them. HHL

  2. Love any kind of bread and biscuits and gravy are definitely one of my favs followed closely by jalapeno cornbread! Yum! You've got me droolin' this morning!

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