Tuesday Trends: Daddy/Daughter Style

Alright, I know many of you have to get gifts for the man in your life.  Trust me, I’ll be back later with a gift guide for them, among many others.  But today I wanted to share some kicks you could get for him.  Last time I shared these Ugg slippers, and other men’s loungewear here.  Lanier still enjoys wearing his shirt and pants that he got at Nordstrom that day too.  So this time it’s shoes for working out.  Just like my Nike Frees that have now sold out, but I LOVE these new purple ones, the shoes Lanier has on are the men’s version.  Just as comfortable and the same variety of bright colors.  Okay, so I know other guys like black, grey, etc. and they’re available in those colors too.  His top and pants are both Nike.
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So, if you consider my last menswear post and pull a comfy shirt, pants and slippers from that post, and get a work-out outfit of a top, pants and shoes, you’ve knocked out six things to get him for Christmas.  And you know he’ll love all of them!  And remember, even if it’s the wrong size come Christmas day, you can always return/exchange them at Nordstrom, no questions asked.  Gotta love that.
Here are some other great shoes I think most men would love…

P. S. Wheeler had the best time being in these photos with Lanier.  I love capturing photos like this.  Even though they’re forced, they’ll make great memories for them together at this age.  Let’s just say there were a slew of outtakes that were pretty hilarious.  And the rest of the kids were on the deck watching them, so they were entertaining too.  I got Wheeler’s outfit at Nordstrom a few weeks ago.  You may remember it from this post with the girls. Her sweater (currently on sale for $24) and booties are by Tucker + Tate, and her leggings are old, but here’s a similar pair by the Tea Collection (currently on sale for $15).
Happy Tuesday, Y’all!

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