Tuesday Trends: Cover-Ups

I cannot believe Memorial Day is coming up, and June will be here next week!  I thought I’d include some fun cover-up choices for the beach, since that’s what I’ll be wearing over my bathing suits while vacationing.  Cannot wait to hurry up and get there!

I’m usually a huge fan of J.Crew cover-ups, but this year the ones I like the most are made of silk.  
Not the best thing to throw on after a swim.  
This cotton one works though, but where are the fun, summery, bright colors?

Doesn’t this make you want to head to the beach, pool or lake, ASAP?
Hope the weather forecasts are looking great for everyone traveling this weekend!


Anyone watch The Bachelorette last night?  So far I love Frank and Cape Cod Chris.  Who do y’all like?

Lots of fun with the family this weekend.  My favorite!  We attended a friend’s birthday, two of their children have birthdays in June, so they combine them.  Pretty smart!  It’s always a blast every year.  They even think of the parents, a wine and beer bar?  So nice!  This year they had a guy playing great music, and a magician.  W  had a blast, and was one of the last kids to leave.  I apologize ahead of time for the bombardment of photos.

Sister #5 with E (#5 just graduated and left today for a 3-week European backpacking trip.  So lucky!)
Sisters #3, #5, E, Me


For everyone entering the giveaway, Preppy in Paradise said they’re adding a little surprise, along with the tote.  Whoever wins has to spill the beans when you receive your tote from them.  I’m dying to know!  If you haven’t entered yet, click here.

I’ve also got a pair of brand new Lilly Pulitzer Callahan shorts on ebay for $24.  
If you’re interested, click here.

If you’re interested in entering another Lilly Pulitzer giveaway, Pink Preppy Lilly Lover is generously giving away a Murfee scarf.  Trish is seriously one of the most thoughtful people, and always has the kindest words to write on my blog.  Her blog is just as cheery as she is!  For more details about the giveaway, click here.

34 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Cover-Ups

  1. I love the first j.crew dress and the anthropologie gossamer henley! Perfect for a day at the beach!

    The girls are gorgeous in the pictures, such a fun weekend!

  2. OH I love the lily one and the anthropolgie one! Yes, I watched it and I like Chris too! I am not sure who frank is but I did like the guy she gave the first rose to- I think his name was robert or something! Can't wait for the rest of the season! XOXO jessica

  3. I wish I could have been there this weekend! Love the pics. You look so good! Hopefully, I will be seeing you lots this summer πŸ™‚ LYLAS!

  4. What a fantastic post! I've been looking for a new cover-up for our trip to Hilton Head in SC for a wedding next month, and these are perfect. What fun pictures, looks like all of the kids (especially W!) had a blast at the party. πŸ™‚

    Oh, and I did watch The Bachelorette last night (even though after every Final Rose Ceremony, I tell myself I'll never watch it again!). I agree, I really like Chris from the Cape, and I also like Roberto.

  5. I have been boycotting the Bachelor/ette the last 2 seasons since Jason picked Molly….I was mad! But I guess I'm over it because yep, I watched last night. LOVE Chris from Cape Cod. But some of the others?? Shooter!?What in the world was he thinking telling her that!?! Oh, and your girls are so cute in the pictures. Looks like it was a FUN party.

  6. I am so behind, so tonight I am watching the Bachelorette. I finally watched Lost last night and I cried like a baby. I was WAY more emotional than I expected. What a great ending to a great show.

    I love the Forever 21 cover up. I am so excited for summer.

    πŸ™‚ Marcie

  7. I'm completely lusting after that Anthro Impanema dress now – it's so cute!! And it's sad and kind of nice all at the same time to know that I'm not really missing out at J. Crew in my current pregnant state! πŸ™‚
    Love the pics from the birthday party – looks like such a great time!!

  8. You read my mind! I have been on the hunt for some cute new cover ups! I am so pumped for the new season of the Bachelorette… I love Cape Cod Chris, he is presh and seems like a really nice guy.

    Cute pics! Looks like y'all had a great day!

  9. Bring on the sun and summer – I can't believe Memorial Day is almost here! I would happily add any of those coverups to my weekend ensemble. πŸ˜‰ Gorgeous pictures of you and your family as always, darling! XO

  10. That looks and sounds like a rockin' party! I hope to be able to combine some b-day parties in the near future too (:

    I watched the beginning of The Bachelorette but then had to dvr the rest. Ad many times as I've sworn off this show, I still keep crawling back. It's like there is this force pulling me in. I'm anxious to see which one Cape Cod Chris is now.

  11. I am in desperate need of a good cover-up! Those are so cute!

    I absolutely l-o-v-e Cape Cod Chris! He is definitely my favorite so far. I was surprised by a few of her choices, but I guess we'll see what happens as the season unfolds! She looked so nervous the whole time. Hopefully she can relax and enjoy herself!

  12. I can't believe it's almost Memorial day either! This year is flying by. The pictures of the birthday party are so cute. I can never get over how adorable you and all your sisters are! Looks like the party was a blast!


  13. Great post! I love all the pictures!! It looks like you had a really fun weekend and No I have not watched the Bachelorette yet. I have it saved on my DVR but I can't wait to watch it's one of my guilty pleasures!!

  14. I love the one from Old Navy and both of those Lilly tunics. Getting a cute cover-up is a must for the summer! Old Navy always seems to have cute, affordable options. The Ipanema dress from Anthropologie is lovely too.

    So far the weather is looking okay this weekend. I hope that it will be a few degrees warmer than they’re saying. I DVR’d The Bachelorette and cannot wait to watch it.

    The birthday party you went to sounds like a blast and I love all of the photos. The last one of you and your sisters with E is really great!

  15. Thanks for your sweet comment! This is so funny, I glanced at post this morning but was running out the door ans spotted lots of Lilly in your weekend pictures! I love all your cover ups, especially the Lilly tunics. So fabulous if you're headed into the club for lunch! Looks like such a fun weekend! Glad you enjoyed it!

  16. Cute cover ups.
    Soooo jealous that your sister is going on 3 week travels! I miss those days!
    Birthday pics made me excited, Jack is 11 months today!

  17. A couple of things. The blue RL cover-up is adorable. But why are they always so darn short? A little longer and I could get WAY more use out of it. Second, how cute are these kids? W is a peach. And lastly…how did I miss the Bachelorette? I didn't even tivo it?! But I heard it's repeating Sunday. Whew…

  18. What a fun post! Loved your green and white top. Screams summer! Hmmm…all the cover ups were cute – I'm really into nautical this year, so I'll go w/ the ON one. LUCKY sis #5 going on a bp trip to Europe! Does she need a buddy?! I'm available πŸ™‚ Happy Wednesday to you!

  19. i always love the shots of you and your family! your mama had herself some beautiful girls!!! (and i love your lilly green tee!) looks like you had a fun time together!

  20. Beautiful family pics! And what a great birthday party (man, that's reason enough to have two babes in the same month, haha)! πŸ™‚
    Love those cover ups…and pretty much anything from Anthropologie! πŸ™‚

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