Monday Manners Interruption: LOST

Can y’all finally believe it’s over?  I’ve got just one statement from one article, that generalizes the end.  This helped me understand the finale, and the whole show.  It’s simple, yet explains so much.

“That’s where Lost leaves us viewers as it shuts down. Maybe not so clear about all we’ve seen, but challenged. Still a little lost, but reassured.” (To read the entire article about the finale, click here.)

If you watched it last night, what did you think?  I LOVE hearing opinions because everyone has their own viewpoint.  If you haven’t seen it yet, and are planning to, please do not read the comments section.  I had dreams about Lost all last night.  Still cannot believe it’s over!!

Hope y’all have a wonderful Monday!
Photos from this weekend will be posted later today.

19 thoughts on “Monday Manners Interruption: LOST

  1. Well, I cried myself to sleep dazed, confused, happy, sad, and pondering my own life and the choices I make and the people I come in contact with.- Your thoughts?

  2. I loved the ending! It was all about the relationships from the beginning. It's weird, but I am happy and sad at the same time. We DVR'd it, so I may have to watch it again.

    I am going to miss it. That's for sure!

  3. I feel like I'm the only person in the world who didn't watch this show. 🙁 I've been thinking about renting it from Netflix and starting at the beginning though. Everyone seems to love it, so I'm sure I would too. I hope you enjoyed the finale and had a great weekend!


  4. I am not sure if I loved it or hated it! There are still so many questions, my biggest one being what on earth was the sideways time line all about? Were they all dead to begin with? Still so Lost!

  5. WE LOVE THIS SHOW. Okay, I have mixed feelings on the finale though. It seemed a little too weepy for my tastes but I don't think they could have ended it any other way – overall, satisfied with the finale and it was an amazing ride.

  6. Well I've never been able to stay focused long enough to watch it but my husband is a die-hard fan! He enjoyed every morsel of the 2 1/2 hours and then couldn't fall asleep from being over-stimulated afterwards. He said he was pleased with the finale – whatever that means!

  7. I'm entirely off-kilter and have no idea if I loved the ending or hated it. In fact, I'm entirely sure how it even ended! So typical of Lost. I do know that I certainly enjoyed the run.

  8. I watched the 2 hour "sum up" before the finale, then had to go to bed, but I tevo'd it! I am so excited because my husband is caught up on the show because of the sum up and we are going to watch the finale tonight!

    🙂 Marcie

  9. Hi! I'm your 200th follower!!!!! Yay!!!! Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for all your sweet comments lately! I haven't had time to get over here until now. I'm excited to read more of your cute blog!

  10. My hubby cannot wait to see the final episode!!! I tuned out halfway through last season, but I thought with the tv slump over the summer, I could check it out.

  11. I have not watched a single episode of Lost. I didn't understand what it was when it started and still don't. It has been described to me as a brain teaser and you get addicted!


  12. I'll admit it, I've been living under a rock – I've never seen an episode! Heard it was great but at times confusing.

  13. I never got into this show, but I know others that love it! I feel like everything on my newsfeed on facebook last night was about lost!

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