Tuesday Trends: Ali’s Final Choice

So what did y’all think, for those of you who watched the season finale of The Bachelorette last night?  To be honest, I was Team Chris, but after watching the re-cap of Roberto’s time on the show with Ali, they really were meant to be together.  I just hope it works out for them.  Poor Chris, though.  Even if Ali did tell Chris beforehand, so that he wouldn’t get his hopes up when he proposed to her, that was still such a sad moment!  You could tell he was heartbroken!  I haven’t watched After the Final Rose yet, but I’m hoping to watch it this afternoon.  Frank is on it, so that should be interesting…

Also, did you notice the great location of Bora Bora?  After featuring it on my Wednesday Whereabouts last week, and then seeing it even more last night, that’s a MUST location in my book!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!  I’m off to the dermatologist this morning, to see if he can tell me what to do about my melasma mark on my face.  Hope it goes well!

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20 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Ali’s Final Choice

  1. I was soo soo sad for Chris, but I do believe that Roberto and Ali are meant to be. They were adorable on "After the Final Rose". Just as cute and happy as can be. Frank was a no show! I was looking forward to hearing from him… but he didn't show!

  2. I also was for Chris, but thought Ali and Roberto looked happy afterward. I think Chris will find a great girl after all this too! He's just so sweet!

  3. So funny. I was on twitter last night and felt like a lost soul because I must be the only person in the world who does not watch the Bachelorette. But I ended up watching the finale. How does that happen?? Have a great day. xoxo

  4. I agree! I love, love, loved Chris, but you could tell that Roberto and Ali were meant to be. I hope verything works out for them, because you can tell that they truly love each other. Hope everything goes well at the dermatologist!

  5. I loved Chris, too. But, Roberto was pretty cool as well. Maybe Chris will be the next Bachelor?

    I need a trip to Bora Bora. So romantic! 🙂

    Hope your derm. appt. goes well!

  6. So glad to read this post this morning…thanks for keeping us in the loop, I missed the finale last night! I was also Team Chris. Let's just hope this relationship sticks…no more drama and bad breakups ala Jake and Vienna! Happy Tuesday girlie and yes, who doesn't want to make a trip to Bora Bora now!?

  7. I am super happy with Ali's decision. I know Chris was heartbroken, but thankfully Ali did it before their date and didn't make him sweat it out for the actual rose ceremony. Here's to hoping Ali & Roberto are the next Trista & Ryan!

  8. I know…didn't Bora Bora look amazing? The water was so clear and those huts! spectacular. I liked the finale and thought ali did a great job by telling Chris the day before. Ali and Roberto clearly have some chemistry. And, Ali looked beautiful in that dress-love the color. 🙂
    that's it!

  9. I was too tired to watch After the Final Rose! But I too was on Team Chris. I'm hoping he can be the next Bachelor and I can audition! Hubba hubba!

  10. Hi there, new to your blog! I am right there with ya.. I was team Chris as well, but your right, after watching all the recaps, I do believe she chose the right person for her. I love Roberto too and he is HOT! I was still so sad to se Chris go, because he was such a gentlemen at heart. Cute blog!

  11. One of my best friends is auditioning to be one of the ladies on the Bachelor! (In fact, we made her video to submit at my bachelorette party and I did her introduction… hehe.)
    PS – my Bonannos came in and I'm loving them! The gold ones are on my feet right now… did you get yours yet???

  12. I was so sad for Christ too, and I hate to say it, but I don't think Roberto will last long. This is like the Jenn Schefft incident all over again.

  13. I didn't really follow this season but I was rooting for Chris. Maybe he'll be back as a bachelor?

    Good luck with the Derm today! I hope he can help.

  14. Such a sweet couple… I bet they'd make some gorgeous babies haha!

    PS I'm doing a giveaway to promote charity. Come check it out!

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