Monday Manners: Southern Beverages of the South

I hope everyone is having a great Monday!  Lots of pool time this weekend, and some shopping too!  P.S. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends today! 

So I found this list on wikipedia last night, and thought it was pretty comprehensive.  Do you see your favorite drink on the list?  If not, what is it?  Next week, I’ll be posting southern food from the South.  Talk about comprehensive!

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I’ve updated my blog sale too!  I’m obviously trying to get rid some of my summer closet, to make room for some fun, new fall items.

20 thoughts on “Monday Manners: Southern Beverages of the South

  1. Wow! This IS pretty comprehensive. I have to say that muscadine wine is one of our favorites! I also love muscadine jelly. Ahhh!!! The sweet flavors of the south…

    We're having a Week of Confessions over at Windy Poplars this week. Come join in the fun, and tell your friends to join us too! It will be so much fun getting to know everybody a little better, and getting stuff off our chests at the same time 😉

    Happy Monday!

  2. What a fun post! I love all the different bottles and cant wait to see what you have in store for the rest of the week!

  3. I loved Big Red as a kid. Definitely too sweet for me now. And I've always like some Sweet Tea! Can't wait to read the post on Southern food!

  4. I love a good coke, especially one from the fountain with tons of ice! Yum! Can't imagine anyone drinking buttermilk though…cooking yes, drinking, not so sure!

    Funny how all the coke bottles changed and grew much larger…

    We spent the weekend in the pool too, it's just too hot not to be in the water!

    Happy Monday!

  5. I have always loved Coke classic in the bottle….I remember as a kid taking it out of the red cooler and opening the bottle right there, yum! Nostalgic to read your post…lotsa research there!!!

  6. Jay and I are both sweet tea addicts, but he is obsessed with Dr. Enuf, and I love Cheerwine and Peach Nehi. Food Lion even sells Cheerwine flavored sherbet! Yum!

    I think it's so bizarre that Mountain Dew's original slogan was "It'll tickle yer innards." Blegh, lol!

  7. Although you did have Ale 8 on your list (the drink of Central Ky) I still love my Mt. Dew (guilty pleasure of course)!

  8. I'm from the North and I've never even heard of some of these…on my next trip down South I am going to search for some of them!

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