Tuesday Trends: $30 for Us Weekly! And RZ!

First off, the Living Social deal for today is $30 for a year’s subscription to Us Weekly.  Yes, a WEEKLY gossip magazine, for only $30!  Click here to take advantage of the deal!!  Offer is only available today.

Secondly, to help you keep up with the trends, while reading your new Us Weekly, the Rachel Zoe Project starts back tonight, on Bravo!  I’m sooo excited!  I must admit, I’ll be a little sad that Brad won’t be around this season, but rumor has it that he’s getting his own show.  Can’t wait to see RZ donning all of her cute maternity clothes!

School went well for the girls on their first day today.  No tears!  I was so excited to hear such great news.  The pouring rain didn’t make it easy getting them to school and picking them up, but I think they enjoyed wearing their rain boots and splashing in the puddles…especially W, since she got to wear her new pink ones!  And even little E wanted to “Walk! Walk!” as I picked her up from her classroom.  She wants to be a big girl, just like her sister.

Hope y’all are having a great start to your short work week!

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: $30 for Us Weekly! And RZ!

  1. This is a great deal! Love me some US weekly.
    RZ is my fave she is Ba-nanas!!! I know I am going to miss Brad too and his style and funny comments! I cant wait to see how RZ is prego.
    Glad the girls liked school.
    Have a great week.

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