Monday Manners: First Dance Playlist

Note: This is not me! But I love this photo.

Happy Labor Day!  So, I’m always looking for new playlists to add to my iPod, and I need YOUR help on this one.  I’m thinking this play-list would be great for relaxing.  What did you and your husband/wife dance to, as your first dance together as husband and wife?  Or what would you want to dance to as your first dance, if you’re still single? 

The hubs and I danced to “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green.  A close runner-up was “Blue Sky” by The Allman Brothers.

Love “Blue Sky”, but still love that we picked Al Green.
Classic, and not too trendy, an oldie, but goodie.

In Al’s words:

“All I can say is that there’s a sweetness here, a Southern sweetness, that makes sweet music. . . . If I
      had to tell somebody who had never been to the South, who had never heard of soul music, what it was,
      I’d just have to tell him that it’s music from the heart, from the pulse, from the innermost feeling. That’s
      my soul; that’s how I sing. And that’s the South.”

One day, I’ll finally get around to scanning in my wedding photos, so I can share them with you.  First, we need a scanner.  And second, my wedding photos are STILL at my parents’ house – still seven years later…

Thanks for your help on my newest play-list.  Who knows, maybe it’ll become yours too!
Hope y’all enjoy your day off, if you get one!
Since we’re in town, I’m using it to clean and organize.
I’m storing away my spring/summer, and pulling out the fall/winter wardrobe.
Goodbye whites…until Easter!
The girls start preschool tomorrow, as well.
So, I’ll be prepping their bags and making their first lunches of the school year.
Don’t worry, photos to come of their “first day” tomorrow!
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6 thoughts on “Monday Manners: First Dance Playlist

  1. I love a good first day of school! Can't wait to see pics! Mr. C and I have talked about songs but we really have no idea. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was country though!

  2. i had a friend use "Joy of my Life" by John Fogerty as her first dance song, loved it…and another friend did "Lady Soul" by the Temptations…so great!

  3. Our first dance song was "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder…and it was played by a string quartet. I am so glad to see that someone else still abides by the "no white after Labor Day" rule! I thought I was the only one left following that classic rule!

  4. Sadly, my husband and I don't dance….Or I should say, my husband does not dance….We got married at the courthouse so many years ago and had a small dinner afterwards and never did the whole dance thing…So there lies my dream to have a great vow renewal ceremony and finally a "first dance"….

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