Thirsty Thursday: The Tiara

Today’s Thirsty Thursday is the Tiara.  How delicious does it sound?
I had never heard of X-rated Fusion Liqueur, but after googling it, it sounds yummy.  It’s a blend of ultra-premium French vodka and rich blood oranges, mingling with mangos and passion fruit.  This cocktail definitely sounds like it packs a super fruity punch!

You can’t go wrong pairing this “French” ensemble with your “French” cocktail and tiara…

or this one…
And I’m absolutely in LOVE with this…
Yes, sipping my Tiara, wearing this on the French Riviera…ah!
Oh, and what the heck, throw these in, too!
Hope y’all have a lovely Thursday!  We’re still on the potty train here.
I swear, my daughter was a camel in her past life!


My new bag that I featured yesterday is a LouenHide Baby Switch.  I absolutely LOVE it!  So perfect for summer.  Thanks to Summer is a Verb for the extra help on finding one of my own!  Now if I could manage to keep up with the rest of her amazing wardrobe and sense of style, I’d be set!

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