Thirsty Thursday: Spiked Cucumber Lemonade

Staying with the cucumber theme, this week’s drink is very similar to last week’s drink, but a little sweeter.  It still incorporates cucumbers, but with a sweet/tart taste.  Hope you like it!  This recipe is also from Top of the Hub at the Prudential, in Boston.  Can you tell I really liked the drink selection while I was there?  I’m dying to try this one, and it sounds so easy to make!  Unfortunately, I do not have the exact amounts of each mixer, but you can probably eye it, and adjust, based on your own taste buds.

Crop cucumber vodka
Muddled lemon
Cane sugar

Sip this concoction, with the following…
(If you’ve never tried on this dress, you should.  It is so comfortable, and looks good on every body type.)
Dressed down with these,
or dressed up, with these,
(Dogeared carries earrings now.  How cute and simple are these?)
Hope y’all have a lovely Thursday!
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Yesterday’s location was Prince Edward Island, in Canada.  Congrats to everyone who guessed it correctly!  I’ve always loved it, ever since I started watching all of the Anne of Green Gables movies.  They were all filmed there.  The island is also known for its perfect seasons.  Wouldn’t that be so nice!  Snow in winter, cool in spring, etc.  Um, I don’t know about y’all, but here, we usually have a two-week spring, and then it gets too hot, way too fast!

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25 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday: Spiked Cucumber Lemonade

  1. I had a cucumber, ginger, and basil martini last year and it was fabulous. Since then, I order any cucumber cocktail I can get my hands on. This one sounds delish!

  2. That cocktail looks so refreshing! And I love those red earrings. Isn't Dogeared the best? Hope you're having a great week!


  3. That cucumber drink looks delicious!! I just made a cucmber dip today and it was great…but that drink, you could dive into!!!

  4. Hello! I am new to the blog, just want you to know I love it!! I pretty much love all of the same things! I guess I would consider myself a preppy girl from the south too! Anyway, just wanted you to know I enjoy the reading and look forward to more…hope you have a great day! 🙂
    PS, LOVE the dress, I could also go broke reading this blog 😉

  5. You are speaking my language! All day long I've been thinking about this wonderful cucumber martini that I enjoyed during my recent birthday celebration. I'll have to try this as an alternative!

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