Fashion Friday: On a Dress Kick

So I guess lately I’ve been on a dress kick, and honestly, I really don’t have any excuse to be buying them right now, since I don’t have anywhere to wear them at the current time.  I do have four weddings coming up in September, October, November and January, so I guess I can get some ideas for now, and then maybe the ones I really like will be on sale by then.  Here’s hoping!

Don’t you just love all of these?

(Just got this one yesterday for a really good deal!)
Put all the dresses together, and you’ve got…
My husband will love that I’m just eying these, and not actually purchasing them…for now anyway…that’s if he actually reads my blog, which he doesn’t.
I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend.  
It’s supposed to be a scorcher here.
Lots of mandatory pool time is required!
Oh, and because I’m a procrastinator, and wanted to wait until the last full day to take pictures of the girls at the beach last week, instead, I got sick on the last day, and didn’t end up taking any photos of the girls.  I know, boo me.  Well, actually I did manage to take one, from earlier in the week.  This is W, drying off, sans bathing suit, before heading in for dinner.
Some decorations, at the house we stayed.
E sat up around Memorial Day.  And very soon after that, she began crawling everywhere.  Now, she’s trying desperately to pull up on everything.  The downside?  When she falls back and hits her head, from unsuccessfully pulling up on something.  Poor thing.  At least she continues to try.  Personally, I’d be a little frustrated, but it sure doesn’t seem to bother her.
Here are the girls, having a ball in the tub.  This is the first time they bathed together, about two days ago.
Cheers to chubby, wubby babies and fun dresses.  Don’t the two go together so well?

26 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: On a Dress Kick

  1. Oh, the girls are just adorable! Good for E, she'll have knack of it in no time!

    I'm loving the first dress with the asymmetry and the belt detail!

  2. Definitely a fan of chubby wubby babies as I have my own chubster at home!!! 🙂 Great pictures, especially the one in the rocker! I'm a fan of the Lily of course, but also really like the BR and Marc Jacobs eyelet! That's a lot of weddings, girl! You are going to be busy!

  3. I love the Marc Jacobs white eyelet. So feminine. Great LP snag, too. Can't beat a deal!

    Happy E is starting to pull crawl and pull herself up on things. I"m sure she wants to keep up with her big sis.

    The bathtub photo is adorable. And, yes, babies and dresses go together well. Babies go with anything! 🙂

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Your girls are delicious! I am secretly hoping for another girl- sisters would be so cute like your girls!

    I am dying for Tibi Chelsea Shift Dress- I think you need to get that one since there is no way this belly will fit in there!

  5. Oh, more great dresses. I love each one! You have an amazing virtual closet! (ha, ha!)

    BTW, your girls are so adorable!

  6. Love dresses! The BCBG, Milly, BR heritage and Veranda are my favorites! And, are those your adorable girls? wow-they are so cute. Have a fabulous weekend,

  7. So many beautiful choices! I love the BCBG dress because of the bright color. But they're all great. How exciting that you have so many weddings coming up! Your girls are so cute. Have a great weekend!


  8. Fashions are great especially on someone as adorable as you!! The girls are too darling!!! Thanks for answering my question on PEI and visiting my blog!! Have a good weekend!!

  9. Dresses are so pretty, especially in the summer. Some of these would work really well for all of the weddings that you have coming up 😉

    The Marc Jacobs dress is super pretty and I love the new Lilly dress that you got. The royal purple shade of that Max & Cleo dress is absolutely gorgeous.

    It is going to be ridiculously hot here this weekend too. Stay cool, my friend!

    That is awesome that E is sitting up and crawling. She sounds like she is really trying. She looks so much like you in the pic you posted.

  10. Your daughters are the cutest little dolls!
    All the dress are beautiful but I must say that I am in love with that first yellow one. I am a little partial to one-shouldered dresses, just so chic!
    Hope you have a super weekend!

  11. Wow, do you want to be my personal shopper?!! I especially love the first yellow one, the white eyelet Marc Jacobs, and of course your LP pick. I tried on that Chapman Tunic and it's a really cute fit. I'm sure it is just darling on you! Of course, the picture of W drying off on the veranda is just too precious! Those are the moments you don't want to forget. xoxo

  12. Awww what cute little girls =) Adorable!

    Great dresses! I really like the purple one and the gray one beneath that.

    Great blog, glad I stumbled across it.

  13. I'm totally "cheersing" with you to chubby, wubby babies – love them! 🙂

    I'm on a major dress hunt for my little guy's baptism this weekend. Considering that is in a couple of days I better get on it! Those are some cute ones you found! 🙂

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