Thirsty Thursday: Spike Apple Cider + Volree Wade Photography + Loving Lately

Definitely trying this simple, yummy cocktail this weekend!

Y’all may remember my post I did HERE back in the spring, about Volree Wade Photography.  Well, Volree was sweet enough to take more photos of my kids this Fall.  Not only am I in awe of all of the awesome photos she took, it’s also amazing (yet kind of sad too) to see how much my children have grown, in just six short months…

Trust me, as if the photos above aren’t proof enough, you won’t be disappointed!  She is so patient and skilled.  Aside from capturing each of my kids’ personalities so well, she also brings lots of props and blankets to use for the shoot.  I mean, seriously, who else do you know that can come alone, and tame four children, and have them all sit still for more than a few seconds?
To sign up for a session, click HERE.
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Happy Sipping!

5 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday: Spike Apple Cider + Volree Wade Photography + Loving Lately

  1. I love everything about this post! The pics of your kids (and you) are gorgeous and I know something that you'll treasure forever! When I saw the teaser pics on Instagram, I loved the idea of photographing them in their pajamas! And that apple cider looks amazing – have to try it!

  2. The photos are wonderful, and the one with them around you is perfect 🙂 I am thinking that we need a fall family photo session, it's been a few years since we've had our family photo taken.

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