Fashion Friday: Tory Burch Friends & Family Sale + OOTDs

My Tory Burch Shoe Fit Guide

I think y’all know by now from my constant posts on Tory Burch, along with all of my OOTD posts, that include her pieces, that I’m a huge fan of everything Tory Burch.  In my opinion, the quality of her shoes are the best out there, and the styles fit all kinds of foot types.  I’ve had lots of readers email and comment about different shoes, asking how they fit.  Here, I’ve attempted to give you a better idea of how all of these shoes run (and that I personally own), so you can take advantage of the sale, running through this weekend.  Just a side note, everyone’s feet are different, so this is just my take on how these shoes fit, others may disagree, based on their foot shape, and that’s totally okay.

Use code: FRIENDS at check-out.  Free shipping and free returns.

Seen above in Black and Party Fuchsia.

Fit: True to Size.
I wear an 8.5.
The Reva is the classic Tory Burch flat.  It always will be.  It’s so popular that during most of these sales, they’re often excluded.  Luckily, with this sale, they’re included, with free shipping!  If this is your first pair, go with a classic color, either the black or the royal tan.  Either color will get lots of wear.  And just an extra heads up, since the Revas are rarely included in these sales, sizes will sell out fast!

Seen above in Dust Storm and Camelia Pink (more light tan, than pink in my opinion, which I like)
Fit: True to Size.
I wear an 8.5.
These fit a lot like the Reva, super comfy.  Many people claim that they’re more comfortable than the Reva, but I love both just the same.  The Reva has an elastic back, the Caroline does not.

Seen above in Evening Sky.
Fit: Runs a little Small.
I wear a 9, but could still get away with an 8.5.

Seen above in Flamingo Pink/Flame Orange.
Fit: Runs Small.
I wear a 9.
These are already marked down, so the 25% off would be in addition to the sale price.

Thin Enamel Flip Flop
Seen above in Tan.
Fit: Runs a little Small.
I wear a 9.
These are a great pair of neutral flip flops.  I used to wear Rainbows and Havaianas, but neither are as comfortable and as water-resistant, as these.

Seen above in Iced Coffee/Bleach.
Fit: Runs a little Small.
I wear a 9.
Love the bows on these pretties.  Plus, they’re already marked down, so the 25% off would be in addition to the sale price.

Seen above in Calf Hair and Yellow.
Fit: Runs Large.
I have heard from many readers that they have a hard time wearing the Chelseas.  I know it sounds crazy, but the problem may be the size they’re trying.  I’m an 8.5, and wear a 7.5 in these, and haven’t had any problems with the way they fit.  Love my Calf Hair ones!

Sally vs. Sophie
Sally Fit: Runs Large (I wear an 8)
Sophie Fit: Runs Large (I go a whole size down, to a 7.5)
Both pumps are great pumps to own.  I own both in different colors.  The Sally wedge is 2″ versus the 4″ Sophie.  If you’re wanting something a little more formal (i.e. Sunday church, wedding, etc.), I’d go with the Sophie.  If you want a little height, to wear all day, get the Sally.  Both wedges are very comfortable, stylish and classic.  I think the reason to go down a whole size in the Sophie is that gravity naturally pushes your foot forward, so the higher the shoe, the farther it’s going to push it down.  When I tried the 8.5 and even the 8 in the Sophie, my foot was slipping in the back.

Some pieces I can never get enough of…

Logo Wrap Bracelet

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

T-Hinge Sunglasses
Own and love both of these styles.

Of course, there are some pieces I would love to add to my never-ending Tory Burch collection…

Kiernan Riding Boots

Maureen Rain Boots
While I’m partial to my Hunters, a little yellow rain boot would be fun to wear every once in awhile.

Ivy Pumps in Tory Beige

What all would you want?  What all did you score?

Other Friends & Family Sales going on this weekend, Equipment and Joie.

Can’t believe it’s October, and I’m wearing shorts again…
A little glimpse into what’s been going on around here…

 While most of the time, the girls take showers in our shower, this week I tried it this way.
A little too close for comfort, but it was nice to knock all of them out at one time!

 Sweet sisters on the tennis court.

Still love that they’re content (okay, most of the time), in this thing, wherever we go.

Cannot even believe that little V is now eleven months old!
I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!  The weather is supposed to stay pretty warm until Sunday, and then we’ll hopefully start getting back into more fall-like weather next week, before it gets FREEZING!

TGIF, Y’all!

17 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Tory Burch Friends & Family Sale + OOTDs

  1. I've been waiting for this sale! I picked up a pair of Chelsea flats and suede revas. I'm considering picking up a metallic pair too.

  2. I'm so excited about this sale – time to replace a few of my favorites that I've worn out. My black revas have seen much better days and my Sophie wedges are on their last leg.

    I sometimes wonder if there's inconsistencies in the sizing of TB shoes. On the Carolines, they told me to order TTS but mine run half size small. I agree on the wedges though – they do run a little big.

  3. Great post. As a TB flats fan I agree with your size guide. I just took advantage of the Friends and Fans sales event this morning. I ventured into uncharted territory. Tory Burch Pacey flats. Two pairs in different colors. Have you seen them? As I was walking out of the store my wonderful (evil) salesgirls said, "Brian we also have the tan Eddies you like in your size too. Sale ends Monday!"

    1. I have seen the Paceys, one of the salegirls at my store was wearing them the other day. They're so classy! So glad you managed to score a few more during the sale. Glad to know I'm not the only TB lover! 😉

    1. I hate you missed the sale. 🙁 She'll probably have one closer to Thanksgiving, but that's just a guess. She's good about having sales, but often the Revas and Millers are excluded. They were included in this past sale. I'll be sure and post again, when there's another one. Hopefully, you'll have better luck next time!

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I follow you on Instagram and you have given me helpful advice in the past when I was searching for a particular J.Crew top (I scored it, so thanks!). I had been resisting pulling the trigger on a pair of Tory Burch shoes since I'm usually inclined to spend money on the kids rather than myself. But it's been "one of those days" for the last couple of weeks, and then you posted about The Sale and also gave your handy fit guide…and when my hubby encouraged me to go ahead and get a pair, I did. And now that I have my very own pair of lovelies that fit me perfectly, I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT MORE!!! Thanks so much!!!

    1. So happy to hear the great news! Told you that you'd love them! I'll be sure and post as soon as I can next time, when I hear of another sale…so you can snag another color…or two! 🙂

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