Thirsty Thursday: Sierra Mist Natural

Has anyone tried Sierra Mist Natural?  It’s delicious, and is made with real sugar, no aspartame or weird ingredients.  Drink up!

Today has been a busy one. W had her end-of-the-year/birthday party at school.  The class was treated to Chick-Fil-A, cupcakes, crown-making and balloons!  While W’s birthday is June, the entire class actually celebrated their summer birthdays, as well.  Can you believe the entire class, including the two teachers, have summer birthdays?  It was definitely a birthday bash, indeed.  The hubs even came, which made W’s day!  I also spotted a blue Goyard tote that I fell in love with, but that’s another story.  Haha.

Here are some photos from the party, and of W, afterward.  Can’t believe she’ll be in the three’s class this fall!

Yesterday’s dress was from J.Crew.  Congrats to all of you who guessed it correctly!  It’s called the Boathouse Shirtdress and it’s the best thing I’ve found in awhile.  Get it while it’s at a great price.  I have a feeling it’s going to sell-out quick.

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5 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday: Sierra Mist Natural

  1. What adorable children in adorable little outfits! There is no WAY I could send Lallie to school in those, she'd destroy them (seriously, how do her toenails turn black from dirt with full on shoes and socks on?) At least she's having fun outside…and that's all that matters. I'm trying to stay away from sodas period, but that does sound great!

  2. Such cute pictures! Funny story, last night I went to the grocery store with my family, and my mother announces she has a sierra mist natural coupon, and subconsciously I said it was delicious, all because I had read your post.haha.

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