Fashion Friday: Lobster Love and Blog Sale Discount

I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!  Sorry for the quick post, but today has been pretty crazy.  The power has clicked on and off three times already, which clicks on and off the sound machines in the girls’ rooms while they’re napping.  Needless to say, E’s nap this morning was cut short because of all of the commotion.  Also, W’s preschool has a lobster sale pick-up today that we pre-ordered for, earlier in the year, so we had to go get those.  We picked up three of them (LIVE!) and we’re planning on cooking out tonight with some friends and family at the in-laws.  Should be fun!  We’ve got oyster, clams, etc. to go with it!  I’ll be sure and post pics sometime next week.
Also, just wanted to give you a heads up that the blog sale has been updated a little, not much, but I’m planning on adding more soon.  Also, all items for sale are an additional 10% off.  And remember, free shipping!  Click here, to head on over.


P.S. Just a heads up, I’ve got a giveaway coming up.  I seriously love everything this company sells, and would love to have one of each.  Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement, on Tuesday!  As for now, here’s a little preview…

Isn’t it precious?
TGIF, Y’all!
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9 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Lobster Love and Blog Sale Discount

  1. Hey cutie! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed those Lobsters, I bet they were divine! BTW you can ALWAYS use any of the pink and green cocktail recipes for Thirsty Thursdays – too bad we can't share one of those yummy drinks together – maybe one of these days, yes? 🙂

    Come on over when you have a moment, I have a surprise for you! xoxo

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