Thirsty Thursday: Sam Adams Winter Lager

This has been the drink of choice throughout the month of November in our household.  It’s delicious!  If you’re wanting a great holiday brew, this hits the spot!

And my outfit of choice, while relaxing with a nice Sam Adams, would be…

If you do not own a pair of these yet, you’re missing out!
These are the softest, most comfortable pants to bum around in.
I think I own at least three pairs!  LOVE!

Enjoying a beer in pajamas at NIGHT, of course.  Not this morning!


P.S. We went to see Santa last week.  W would only sit on Santa’s lap for maybe a second, before screaming and sliding off of his lap.  The people there actually got a quick photo of it, which I bought, but I didn’t have time to snap it myself.  So instead, here are the photos afterward, of just E.  I think she would have been just fine, but W freaked her out so much with her screaming, that she started crying too.  An experience with Santa I’ll never forget!  Haha!

Poor thing!
Hope y’all have a fabulous Thursday!  The weekend is almost here!

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13 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday: Sam Adams Winter Lager

  1. My husband and I are both big fans of the seasonal Sam Adams beers. My favorite is Oktoberfest but I think my husband's is now the winter lager. I'd like one right now!

  2. Yum, Sam Adams Winter Ale is delicious. One of my favorite things about Winter is the excuse to wear comfy clothes like sweatpants and sweaters. Cute Santa pictures! I love the one where she is looking at him, that face is classic!

  3. Those are hilarious!! W sat on Santa's lap at the mall here and was just like, "What am I doing here with this crazy man?" Didn't cry, but didn't laugh.

    We aren't allowed to take any pics and they were way too outrageous!!

  4. Ohhh, you will always remember these Santa pics! I remember my mom took the two of us girls one year for professional pictures. Little sister refused to smile the whole time. Finally at the end when she thought it was over, she gave a grin like "I told you so!" Amazingly the photographer snapped that shot. We always laugh when we see that picture. Also, love that Sam Adams. It is a fave that is stocked in at our house right now, too!

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