Fashion Friday: Tory Burch 30% Off Sale and Thanksgiving Re-Cap

Happy Friday!  Tory Burch has a 30% off promo through Monday…it’s too bad Revas are excluded, I would have loved another pair.  I’ve heard that the Eddies are comfy, but have never tried them on, so I’m afraid to order them.  If you have a pair, do you think I should go with the size I wear in Revas or smaller/larger?

Here’s a photo of the Eddie:


We celebrated Thanksgiving in town this year.  Every year we normally head to Greenville, SC and celebrate lunch with my mother’s family and all my sisters attend, and then come home that evening and have Thanksgiving dinner with my in-laws.  This year it was a little different, so unfortunately we didn’t get to visit the family and sisters in Greenville.  We had a great time, nonetheless, visiting with the hubs’ grandmothers who came in town, and my sister-in-law and her husband who traveled from Dallas.

About the mustaches…my sister-in-law’s husband is growing out a mustache for a fundraiser with the men he works with, and as a joke, my sister-in-law gave us all fake mustaches to put on.  We put them on while saying the blessing, before the feast, and imagine Scott’s amusement when he looked up.  It was hilarious!  You can tell how much the girls enjoyed wearing the mustaches…they hated them!

The first few photos are of W’s Thanksgiving Feast at school.  I’m not sure if you can tell, but she had a ball!

Enjoying some “down time” with Poppy.


Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!  We’re hoping to get our tree tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Tory Burch 30% Off Sale and Thanksgiving Re-Cap

  1. Those dresses are adorable. The girls look so cute.

    Aw, "Go, Dog, Go!" brings back so many memories. What a precious photo.

    Glad you had a nice holiday with your family.

  2. Cute dresses!
    One of the guys I went to school with was doing the fundraiser too. It is so weird to see him with facial hair.

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