Thirsty Thursday: Milk

So it’s not a cocktail this week, but shouldn’t you add in some milk, as well?  I know I make sure the girls drink as much as they can, to stay healthy, but why don’t I?  It seems like such an easy thing to add to my daily diet.  I mean I guess I have cereal regularly, but I think I’m supposed to drink more than that.  How do you incorporate milk into your diet, or do you?  Does cheese count?  Because I LOVE cheese…on anything!

P.S. How sweet are Rebecca Romijn’s twins here?  Their names are Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip.  They named their daughter Dolly, after Rebecca’s love for Dolly Parton and the other one, Charlie, after Jerry O’Connell (her husband)’s brother.  You may remember him from the Bachelor, don’t remember the season.

Did y’all catch the U.S. Open last Saturday?  They don’t call it Super Saturday for nothing!  I mean Djokovic came back and beat Federer after saving two match points!  Incredible!!  After their match, Mary Jo Fernanndez (former tennis star) came out to interview Djokovic, and I couldn’t help but notice her dress, it was Lilly!  It looked fabulous on her, and now I think I want to call it mine.  What do you think?

 Mary Jo Fernandez (from a previous tennis tournament), NOT pictured with Djokovic here.


I know there aren’t many more Big Brother fans out there,
but did any of y’all catch the finale last night?
What did you think?
Hope y’all have a terrific Thursday!
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5 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday: Milk

  1. I dont drink milk, more b/c since its just me, it will go bad faster than I can drink it. I do get my calcium by eating greek yogurt, string cheese, brocolli, etc. AndI take a multivitamin. Good luck getting it in! I wish ice cream counted 🙂

  2. I am not big on plain milk unless it's with cake or cookies. I buy European formula Ovaltine Malt from the international section of the supermarket (only because it has half the sugar as the American one and tastes better). It is really good hot or cold.

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