Fashion Friday: RLL and BIG SURPRISE!

Last week, I mentioned that Lilly was on Rue La La during their “Sweater Weather” sale.  Unfortunately, they only had three sweater featured, while the rest were other designers, like Pink Tartan.  But fortunately, the three sweaters they had, were great sweaters!  I managed to snag two of them, before they sold out, after only thirty minutes that day.  Just a heads up, I’ve never tried on the Caroline style, so if it doesn’t work for me, it may end up on my blog sale.

Lilly Pulitzer Gloria Sweater in Jewel Green

Lilly Pulitzer Caroline Cable Cardigan
Couldn’t resist sharing this sweet little baby, that we got for E.
W has had an American Girl Bitty Baby for awhile, with blond hair and blue eyes named Baby June, and E has always enjoyed playing with her (when W lets her).  Well, we decided that E needed one of her own, that looked like her – dark hair with dark eyes.  It’s on its way here now.  Still haven’t decided whether we’ll give it to her now, or wait until her birthday, come November.  Either way, I think she’s going to be thrilled that now she’ll have one to call her own!
I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend, and are able to enjoy this fall-like weather!  We don’t get to enjoy it here for too long.  Our seasons usually go from extreme heat to frigid temps pretty quickly, so we try to take advantage of it, while it lasts!

And in other news, pretty BIG news, I’ve got a surprise, that I hopefully can share with y’all tomorrow…so make sure and check back tomorrow morning!

10 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: RLL and BIG SURPRISE!

  1. I had a bitty baby when I was little, I loved her! And the ones they are coming out with now are so cool.

    xx Emily @

  2. So excited for your surprise!! And, I LOVE Bitty Baby! I think they're made better than the American Girl Dolls and they're just so cute!!! E will love it!!!

  3. I had that same Bitty Baby with I was younger 🙂 I named her Karen…sort of a strange name for a little girl to pick out, but that was it! I still have her! 🙂

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